Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Review - MAC Diamonds Cream Coloured Base

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about an unfortunately limited edition product, but something that's been sitting on my vanity looking very pretty for a while, that I've never really mentioned nor wanted to sell!
This is the MAC Diamonds Cream Colour Base from the Riri loves MAC Collection. What is a cream coloured base? This is what the MAC website tells me because I don't really know either.
"Versatile and multi-purpose, Cream Colour Base can be applied directly to bare skin, or layered over foundation, moisturizer, or powder. Apply with a brush, sponge, or fingers. Colour effects range from a light veil to highly dramatic, depending on method of application." (1)
This particular cream coloured base looks quite bronze in the pan, but comes across much more golden in tone when you swatch it. I'm still a little unsure as to what I'm really meant to use this for, but I mainly use it as an illuminating blush or as a cream eyeshadow.
The base has an absolutely lovely creamy texture that feels super buttery without feeling like it's melting on your fingers unpleasantly. The colour is a little bronzey/golden on my skin tone so it doesn't particularly work as a highlighter or anything like that for me personally, but for someone who has deeper skin tone than me, I think it could look quite lovely as a highlighter!
This cream coloured base gives me a little bit of summery bronze-y colour on my cheeks and a lot of glow with a sprinkle of glitter. It's perfect for quick summery cheeks and I really need to make more of an effort to wear this rather than just using it for eye candy! (The packaging is so gorgeous though!).

What I Love
- Beautiful packaging
- Nice texture and colour
- Easy to apply with fingers or brushes
- Lovely on light or dark skintones

What I Don't Love
- Limited Edition :C
 Final Thoughts
I really like this Cream Colour Base even though I don't wear it very often. I'm absolutely certain that there would be a very cheap dupe out there for this that I am not aware of, but the packaging of this product is just so gorgeous! I'll happily use up this cream colour base and then buy a cheaper dupe since it's limited edition, but if you can find the packaging for this I would highly suggest snapping it up as it's incredibly beautiful! ^.^

Have you got any beautiful products wasting away on your shelf?


  1. The Riri Loves MAC has got to be my favorite LE packaging ever! I've actually never heard of this product before - it's very pretty on you :)

    1. I totally agree about the packaging, it's so cute! I may or may not have just bought it for the packaging ><


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