Monday, 21 November 2016

Store Review: Strawberry Coco

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Strawberry Coco!

Website Practicality
I found my shopping experience with Strawberry Coco to be slightly frustrating as they don't have a brand filter option. So if I was looking for Etude House products, I can't do it without searching "Etude House" which doesn't actually bring up all the options. I also dislike the little chat bar on the bottom left because it always pops up and it's freaking huge! Other than those aspects, I found it relatively easy to find the items I was looking for, create an account, fill my cart and check out.
Price Comparison
The prices on Strawberry Coco are much higher than I would usually justify. They're even higher than Roseroseshop including the shipping! Thankfully, Strawberry Coco offers free shipping, but the prices are still high.

Strawberry Coco

Cosmetic Love
Etude House Eye and Lip Remover - $6.90

Etude House Eye and Lip Remover - $2.83 + Shipping $8.77 = $11.60

Shipping and Packaging
I made my purchase on the 6th of September and it was shipped 4 hours later. 4 HOURS LATER. Did I mention that the shipping is free? Bargain! My package arrived on the 15th of September which is pretty fast too. However, my item wasn't actually wrapped in bubble wrap, just popped into a bubble envelope which resulted in the box getting pretty crushed. The tube inside was fine.
I found it odd that the box for this BB Cream was taped up on both sides with sellotape, but the tube inside seemed unharmed. Strawberry Coco was one of the only places I could find Kanebo Kate products at reasonable prices, but I am a little disappointed at how dark this shade is! :S
Final Thoughts
Although I enjoyed my shopping experience with Strawberry Coco, I don't think I would shop with them very often because their prices are much higher than I would usually justify. However, I would shop with them if I needed a product in a hurry since they have fairly quick (and free!) shipping!

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