Sunday, 20 November 2016

Provided for Review: Beenigma All In One Cream

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Beenigma All In One Cream! This cream was kindly sent to me for review by Beenigma, and I was really interested in the product because it contains Bee Venom which is an ingredient that I've never used before, but also Manuka Honey which I know that my skin loves. It's a product that's made in my home country of New Zealand too, so that's even better!
"The Anti-Aging sensation from New Zealand. Using only the finest Active New Zealand Bee Venom and 20+ Manuka Honey. Rejuvenate the youthful appearance of your skin to be smooth, glowing, and radiant. 

Skin reacts to the Bee Venom found in Beenigma® as if it’s been lightly stung, triggering an increase in our body’s production of wrinkle-smoothing collagen and elastin to lift, plump and tighten the skin. The result is an anti-aging and rejuvenating effect that makes your skin more radiant and youthful by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Bee Venom has the ability to work within the epidermis and dermal levels of the skin to deeply nourish. It is comprised of 21 naturally occurring components such as replenishing proteins, peptides, amino acids, and key enzymes.

Beenigma® contains the highest concentration of Bee Venom that is perfectly balanced to produce effective results without causing any inflammation. The best part is that the more you use it, the better it works as Beenigma® is a cumulative formula."(1)

This cream comes in a really pretty box with metallic gold finishing.
The cream itself is housed in a beautiful heavy glass jar with a plastic screw top lid.
It comes with it's own little spatula which is nice and hygienic.
It also comes with a little travel seal cap too. I took too many photos of pretty packaging and ran out of descriptions. Blogger life.
This cream is white in colour and very thick in texture. I find it a little difficult to spread out evenly, it definitely doesn't feel very silicone-y!
When I apply this cream to my face I can't see any immediate difference in my skin. I can't see any residue, there is no oil, it just looks and feels like my skin which is a first for me.
I didn't find that this cream gave my skin very much moisture, in fact the lack of moisture did cause the eczema on my eyelids to flare up which is a little annoying, but is easily fixed for me by using my HG the Mamonde Camelia Oil.
The other downside for me is that the cream does break my skin out. You can see a couple tiny spots in the above photo, some bigger spots in the below photo, and a bunch of small blemishes around my nose which is usually clear.
However, this cream did plump up the small wrinkles I have in my forehead quite nicely! My skin definitely does feel really nice too, but I can't use it every day if I don't want to get pimples. I'm trying to experiment with using this cream every other day to see if I can get the results of the cream without the pimples.

What I Love
- Beautiful packaging
- Feels very skin like on the skin and leaves no residue
- Plumps up my skin nicely

What I Don't Love
- Not enough moisture for my eyelids
- Does give me breakouts
- Fairly expensive at $120NZD

Final Thoughts
I love the results this cream gives, but the pimples really do ruin it a little for me. The company suggested that my skin just needs to acclimatize to the product which could be true, but my skin doesn't usually stop getting pimples from products if it gets them to start with which is disappointing. I will persevere with the cream and have a play with how much I use because I do like the results it gives, but if it keeps giving me pimples then of course I would not repurchase it.

I would recommend the Beenigma All In One Cream to any Princesses looking for a cream to help plump up their skin, as long as they aren't allergic to bees! ^ ^ 

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