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Review: The Face Shop Disney Edition Watery Tint

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about The Face Shop Disney Edition Watery Tints! There are 6 shades in this collection, and I was honestly mostly drawn to these products because of the cute packaging, but these are my first The Face Shop products ever too!
"Water gel texture with moisture light application on the lips. Gives even fit on lips with long lasting effect."(1)
The packaging of these tints are very cute, I really love the little ears on the cap and the polka dots on the bottle. They have a nice doe foot wand which makes the product nice and easy to apply accurately. However, it is a little difficult to pull the wand out of the opening.
I really like the selection of colours, they are all quite different so I think it's quite nice to be able to have the full collection without feeling like you have colours that are too similar. I am quite disappointed in Orange Candy though, it has quite poor pigmentation in comparison to the others.
Pink Imagination
The first shade is Pink Imagination which is a beautiful strawberry pink!
You can layer a couple of coats of these tints to have a more opaque colour, but just one layer leaves a nice colour on my lips! There are parts of my lips that colour more than other parts, but it doesn't look very patchy in real life.
I really like the colour of Pink Imagination, it suits me quite well I think!
Coral Bow Tie
Coral Bow Tie is a rich Coral shade.
This shade is very pigmented and has great colour payoff on my lips. Since the shade is darker it has more even coverage for me and looks much brighter when layered up.
I really enjoyed wearing this colour, it's vibrant without being too overwhelming.
Orange Candy
Orange Candy is a watery Orange shade.
This shade is underwhelming on the arm swatch, but mixes nicely with my own lip colour. Since this shade is quite thin in texture it applies a little patchy and you can see my lip lines quite a lot through the colour.
But I still quite like it!
Red Lip
Red Lip is a vibrant orange based red.
This is such a beautiful shade, it applies evenly since it is one of the darker colours and builds up nicely.
This is one of my favourite shades, since I have warm toned skin I really like the look of warm toned lip colours.
 Red Cherry
Red Cherry is a deep berry toned red.
This shade shows up really nicely on my lips and looks beautiful with a couple of layers.
I always enjoy a good berry toned lip, and this is no exception!
Rose Garden
Rose Garden is a milky peach shade.
This looks peachy pink in the tube and in the arm swatch, but appears a rosy red on my lips. It builds up to a really pretty medium red!
When I only use one layer it looks like a lovely rosy shade which is more on the natural side which is nice!
These lipsticks are smudge proof and kiss proof which is great! They also last quite a long time, but will not last through any oily meals. I found that they wore off quite gracefully and didn't make me lips look horrible, but as usual some patches of my lips hold the colour better (which happens with any lip stain) so they can look a little patchy after about 5 hours. Being a thin texture these tints can feather if you use too much, so building up the layers of colour slowly is quite important! I only had issues with feathering when I applied them in the Youtube clips because I didn't wait for the first layer to dry down a little.

What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- Nice colour range
- Smudge proof
- Easy to apply
- Don't dry out my lips

What I Don't Love
- Slightly patchy when wearing off
- Can feather slightly when using too much

Final Thoughts
I'm surprised at how much I like these lip tints! I knew I would love the packaging because I adore anything Disney, but I'm really happy that the actual lip product works well for me since some tints don't adhere to my lips properly. The colour range is beautiful, they are easy to apply and reapply, and they give my lips a full lip colour or a great gradient lip. The only thing that I don't like is that they can feather if you apply too much (since they have a watery consistency I'm not surprised) so building up the colour slowly is quite important. Other than that, I'm so delighted with these tints!

I would recommend The Face Shop Disney Edition Watery Tints to any Princesses looking for vividly coloured, smudge proof lip tints in super cute Disney themed packaging!

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  1. SO CUTE ♥ Love the packaging and all the shades are so pretty!


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