Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Review: Kanebo Kate Mineral Mask BB Cream

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Kanebo Kate Mineral Mask BB Cream! I have this BB Cream in the shade OC-B which is the lightest of the three shades, and this has been on my wishlist for quite some time after I read a little review recommending this BB Cream for pale, warm toned skin.
"A super new BB Gel Cream foundation with advanced mineral-based formula, good coverage for pores and offer protection on skin. It contains the combined moisturizing formula including ingredients like olive oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil. Paraben (preservative) free. No UV absorbant. No fragrance. With SPF30 PA++ sunscreen support."(1)
This BB Cream comes packaged in a small, glossy black tube. It has a screw top and is a squeeze bottle, which makes it easy to get the BB Cream out, but sometimes I do get an air bubble which sends the BB Cream splattering everywhere which is frustrating.
This BB Cream is very yellow toned, so will be ideal for warm toned Porcelain Princesses! However I was very surprised at how dark this BB Cream was as the review I read stated that NARS Sibera was too dark for them. 
I would not have tried out this BB Cream if I had seen a comparison swatch like this since the Kate BB Cream is much darker than NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia which is my perfect match.

This BB Cream does have quite a thick texture and I found it quite hard to blend out nicely. I found that it applied best with a damp beauty blender and worst with my fingers. As you can see, the colour is quite a lot darker than what I would usually wear.
This BB Cream offers medium coverage for my skin. It covers some of my lighter scars, but not the darker ones. It didn't smooth my pores or make my skin look flawless, but it doesn't claim to.
I had a couple of small spots on my chin and you can see that this BB Cream does camouflage them a little, but they're not completely erased.
The colour is probably the biggest issue for me, it definitely looks like a different shade between my face and neck. I would say that this is best suited for NC15.
After 6 hours my T-zone looks a little shiny, but nothing too drastic. I did find that with more heat there was more oil, so I don't think this BB Cream has astounding oil control.
However I did find that this BB Cream had pretty good staying power, it didn't wear off in any patches even when it was oily (with the exception of when I rest my chin on my hand for about 6 hours). 

What I Love
- Functional packaging
- Nice medium coverage
- Easy to apply with a Beauty Blender
- Good staying power and longevity

What I Don't Love
- Quite dark (similar to NC15)
- Difficult to apply with fingers or brushes (so streaky!)
- Average oil control

Final Thoughts
I am actually a little disappointed in this BB Cream! I think that the colour is the biggest disappointment for me because it is hard to judge how the colour will look just by description, but when someone is saying they are super pale and NARS Siberia is too dark but this BB Cream is perfect match, you just assume it's paler than NARS Siberia. But realistically this is not a Porcelain Princess friendly shade (unless you tan in the summer!) and is a little tedious to apply as I found it really streaky when applied with a brush or my fingers. It's not a terrible BB Cream, it has really good lasting power and nice medium coverage, but it's not one of my favourites.

I would recommend the Kanebo Kate Mineral Mask BB Cream to any Princesses looking for a nice, long lasting BB Cream, and the shade OC-B shade for any Princesses who are around the NC15 shade from MAC.

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