Friday, 25 November 2016

First Impression: La'dor Keratin Power Fill Up Sleeping Clinic Ampoule

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the La'dor Keratin Power Fill Up Sleeping Clinic Ampoule! This is the last of the La'dor products I purchased to try, but I was a little anxious to try this since I don't like sleeping with product in my hair (it tends to give me acne to be honest) so I tried this one last! ><
What Does It Do?
"This hair ampoule provides intensive care for severely damaged hair. It nourishes the scalp and hair strands to help regenerate stronger hair fiber for healthier, softer hair. Its effects is optimized to work while you sleep which gives you visible results first thing in the morning. It also provides a strong protective barrier that coats each and every hair strand to prevent further damage.
How to use
After washing your hair at night, apply an ample amount of the hair pack on damp hair. Blow dry or let it air dry before sleeping. "(1)

This hair ampoule has a cloudy colour and relatively thin texture. It also smells amazing! I found it super easy to spread out through my long hair and it didn't feel like it left any residue which is quite nice! I put this treatment in the right side of my hair so I could see and feel the difference (hopefully!).
My hair takes forever to dry, so I put them up into space buns through the day so they could air dry. I know it looks counter productive to wrap we hair up, but it actually dries really nicely throughout the day. At night I plaited my hair to keep it out of the way and stopping it from choking me (a real hazard I tell you!).
In the morning when I undid my plaits I could definitely see a difference in the definition of the waves on the side that I used the Sleeping Ampoule on, but I couldn't feel too much difference in terms of softness.
After re reading the claims of the product, it doesn't put so much emphasis on the hair feeling nicer, but more long term claims that would be hard to measure as a first impression. How do I decide if this product regenerates stronger hair, or if it's more protected against further damage? It certainly smells nice, and isn't doing any damage to my hair, but I'm not 100% certain that it's really making my hair that much better.
Would I Purchase This Product?
Yes. I think this product would be a great one to do a long term review on since it is very interesting, it's fun to use, smells nice and works really well for me since I can sleep on my hair without worrying that it's going to make my face break out in awful acne. However, I can't tell you right now whether it works or not since it's hard to measure those long term benefits. I can tell you that it was enjoyable to use, and definitely wasn't a fail for me! ^ ^

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