Sunday, 13 November 2016

Provided for Review: My Brush Set

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the 5 Piece Rose Gold Oval Brush Set from My Brush Set! My Brush Set contacted me and offered to send a set of brushes for me to try out, and since I've never used the little toothbrush looking brushes before I decided to go for the cute rose gold set!
"This impeccable 5 piece oval brush set is perfect for all your highlighting and contouring needs! Available in Rose Gold, this oval brush set provides flawless coverage and is perfect for blending foundation, blush or powder to your face and cheeks.  With five different sizes to choose from, perfection has never been so easy to achieve."(1)
These brushes come with a little drawstring travel bag which I have trouble opening easily. It does get fluffy super quickly which makes it look a little grubby.
This brush set has five brushes and have black rubber handles. I don't think the hardware is very rose gold coloured, I would say that it's bronze instead, but it is pretty cute!
On the website the brushes come with little guide as to how you can use them, but there are no rules, you can use these however you want to. Since the brushes have labels on them it is a little interesting, especially since two are labelled lipstick.
The first brush is labelled as a foundation brush, and I think this is probably the only thing I would use this for as it is quite large. In general, the brushes are really soft and dense, though the larger brushes have a fair few stray hairs.
I quite like the way this brush works for certain foundations, though obviously it's not ideal for all foundations. Check out the video in this post to see how they work!
Next up is the concealer brush! This is similar to the Foundation brush, but a little smaller.
I actually quite like using this for applying cream blush, but find it a little too big to apply my concealer nicely!
This is one of the lip brushes, but since it is quite literally the size of my lips I do not use it to apply lipstick. However, it is much better for blending out concealer.
The second lip brush acts more as a lip brush, but I still find it really hard to control. I don't think the circular shape is great for applying lipstick for me really. I'm not the biggest eye shadow applier, but I think this could work for applying eye shadow better than it would at applying lipstick.
Lastly we have the Eyeliner brush! I don't have any gel liners currently as I prefer the finer line that a liquid liner provides, but I did try to use it with a powder and it does work! I actually prefer using it to apply my brow powder though!
What I Love
- The brushes actually work nicely
- Quite cute
- Great price point at $15USD

What I Don't Love
- The names of the brushes are a little misleading

Final Thoughts
I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality of these brushes! I didn't have the highest hopes are they are really cheap, but I'm happy to report that they are actually really nice. They're cheap, they're cute, they might require a little bit of extra hair trimming, but they still work really nicely and that's what matters. 

I would recommend the My Brush Set 5 Piece Rose Gold Oval Brush Set to any Princesses wanting to try out some toothbrush brushes that won't cost them the earth!

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