Friday, 11 November 2016

First Impression: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream: Blooming Fit

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in Blooming Fit! I have the shade No2, and have previously tried the Cotton Fit and Perfect Fit!

What Does It Do?
"A signature BB cream that gives a shiny and glossy look with mineral pearl ingredients.
3-in-1 formula with Whitening + Wrinkle care + UV protection (SPF30 / PA++) functions.

What it does
- Brightening: Containing bright pearl layer to provide delicate brightening effect on skin and care darkend skin with sebum for clear and delicate skin tone.
- Excellent coverage: Application of 'Slim Layer Fit Formula' to prevent from getting smudged after re-applying or layering.
- Moisturizing skin care: Optical oil reflects light to regular directions to maximize gloss and shine. It also contains bamboo sap to hydrate and care skin.

More to know
- Slim Layer Fit Formula: Plate powder is applied to help makeup done thinly, smoothly, and clearly without getting smudged despite re-application or layering multply
- Bamboo sap: It contains various minerals and amino acids that make skin shine and hydrated.

How to apply
- After skin care, pump proper amount on a hand, apply on face by thinly layering, and smoothly tap several times to finish."(1)

This BB Cream is quite pale, but much cooler in tone than what I would usually wear! Funnily enough, when it oxidises it actually looses a lot of it's colour and pigmentation which is unusual! It has quite a thin texture that is easy to spread out evenly over my skin.
This BB Cream looks quite nice on my skin to begin with, it doesn't look too pink on my face which is quite nice! It gives my skin very minimal coverage since it is such a thin texture.
However, I did find that this BB Cream really emphasised the dry skin around my eyes, it does look quite awful!
After 6 hours this BB Cream isn't looking too oily, but it's also worn off really quickly! For reference, I was at home all day editing and practising (flute) so it's not like I was having a stressful day, but my face was super pink and I could see my acne scarring again!
It's almost like I'm not wearing a BB Cream any more! How funny!
Would I Purchase This Product?
No. This BB Cream had awful longevity, so I would need to wear this for less than 6 hours which is not really a good thing for me since my work day is generally 9-10hours. It is a pity since the colour was quite nice, but I much prefer the Perfect Fit formula anyway! ^ ^

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