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Review: CandyDoll Cheek Colour Duo Blush

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be taking about the CandyDoll Cheek Colour Duo Blushes! I have all four of these blushes and I was drawn to them because they all contain one blush and one highlight shade!

"New series of CandyDoll cheek color combined with highlighter produced by Japanese Popteen's popular model Ms Tsubasa Masuwaka and Dakota Rose!!

Features & Benefits
Japanese Popteen's popular model Ms Tsubasa Masuwaka & Dakota Rose uses their favorite and most fashionable and trendy model's colors! Highlight area and add brightness to area that sharpen-up your features. Contains moisturizing ingredients such as Hyalunoric Acid, Jojoba Oil & Olive Oil

How To Use
Use it alone to brighten up skin tone or together (mix Cheek Color and Highlighter)."(1)
These blushes come in plastic packaging with stickers of Tsubasa Masuwaka on the front. The Japanese translations are not very interesting on the front and back.
These blushes come housed in beautiful pink packaging, I love the engraving around the window, I like that you can see the colours while the compact is closed and I really love that these are slim!

The colours are quite interesting. The highlighter shades are very subtle and glittery rather than being intense and metalic like most Western highlighters these days. The blush colours are gorgeous too, they are still quite subtle but can be built up without looking chalky.
Rose Pink
Rose Pink has a pale pink highlighter shade and a vibrant pink blush shade. This shade is the only shade that comes without the little picture talking about the shades.
I adore the blush shade in Rose Pink, it's really vibrant on my skin and doesn't look too fake. I only need one application of this shade for a cute flush of colour.
I actually use the highlighter shade as a blush too because it looks too dark to be a highlight for me. The light pink is very subtle, but since it's not too shimmery it still works well.
However, I don't particularly like using this highlighter shade as a highlight, because as you can see it does make my cheekbones look like they have shimmery blush on them.
This was the first shade I ever owned and I still love it! This shade is the most versatile for me as it has two blush shades so I always take it traveling with me.
Strawberry Pink
This shade comes with the little "how to" guide featuring Dakota Rose.
Strawberry Pink has a lavender tinted highlight and a fuchsia pink blush shade.
The blush shade in Strawberry Pink is the most pigmented shade out of the four. It's really easy to go overboard with this shade and sometimes it can look slightly clownish on me.
The highlight shade is super subtle, but you can see a little bit of shimmer there!
As long as I use a light hand this shade looks lovely!
Pink Flamingo
Pink Flamingo has a gold highlighter and a beautiful warm toned orange blush shade.
This is the most natural blush shade for my complexion and looks really nice!
It is a little strange because I can see the highlighter the best on my arm swatches, but I can barely see it on my face unless I really pile it on!
But overall I still like this duo too, it's much more natural for me in comparison to the other shades.
Candy Pink
Candy Pink has a white glittery highlight and a strawberry pink blush shade.
This blush shade is the least pigmented and does require two layers to get a nice flush, but this is a nice natural shade for my skin too!
I quite like the highlight shade in this duo too, it gives me a really nice sheen that looks natural enough for me to be comfortable wearing it. (I'm not a big fan of super intense highlights!)
It's safe to say this is another one of my favourites!
What I Love
- Gorgeous, functional packaging
- Super slim packaging, great for travel
- Great colour range for blush and highlight
- Easy to apply and build up colour

What I Don't Love
- Colours are all quite subtle (I like this, but am aware it is a downside for some)

Final Thoughts
I really like these duo's, but I do know that a lot of people will not since the the highlights are so subtle. Intense highlighting isn't a huge trend in Asia in general, which is why the highlights aren't "on fleek". But, these work so well for me because I am just not a huge highlighter fan to be fair. I adore the blush colours, there is a great shade range for the blushes as well as the highlighters and they're fantastic to take on holiday as they're so lightweight and are a great two in one!

I would recommend the CandyDoll Cheek Colour Duo Blushes to any Princesses looking for a two in one blush and highlight in super cute packaging! ^ ^ 

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