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Review: Aveniro Glass Nail Files

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about some nail files from Aveniro! Aveniro reached out to me and offered to send me some files, and I was extremely excited to try some new files out! 

Aveniro Ltd. is a manufacturer and wholesale and retail export oriented supplier of glass nail files. The company is located in the North of Czech Republic in the traditional glassmaking region nearby Novy Bor town. From its foundation Aveniro is possessed entirely by private Czech capital, continually grows, increases its turnover, number of employees and enlarges its portfolio of products and services.

At present both our production operations and office are situated in our own facilities, in a manufacturing premises in an industrial estate at the edge of Novy Bor town. Our premises had been acquired in a baddish technical state; and it is being reconstructed step by step as our financial situation allows.

From its establishment our company deals with processing and refining of glass. Our management and our employees have rich experience in this field; many of them have been working in the glass industry for their whole life. As time went on, because of substantial interest of the customers, glass nail files have become our main product.

We endeavour after development of our business, we invest into modern technologies, which we try to employ for both enrichment of our present assortment and introduction of new products and services. An example is a purchase and implementation of laser technology, which enabled both to broaden our portfolio with wooden products and at the same time to variegate our offer of glass nail file with laser decorations. (1)

One of the most popular decoration techniques is the decoration with crystal stones. Crystal stones are fixed on the glass nail file with glue. Every single nail file is hand processed. This decoration requires accuracy and diligence, crystal stones are therefore applied only by particularly trained workers. Crystal stones look very beautiful especially in combination with colour. This combination of techniques will transform a glass nail file into a highly elegant cosmetic accessory.

Glass nail file Swarovski is decorated with original Swarovski stones. We also offer all designs in a cheaper variant – with crystal stones produced by Czech jewellery manufacturers having long tradition. Beside standard designs we produce customized designs according to customer’s wish too.
This file comes in a gorgeous little velveteen pouch with cute little butterflies glued to the top! It's absolutely adorable, and works really well to file down nails quickly and gently.

Manicure files are suitable not only for the treatment of fingernails but also toenails. The most common types of glass nail files are available in stock, thus we are able to supply them in very short terms. A large variability of possible shapes and decorations offers opportunities to create unique products. Upon demand it is possible to produce glass nail files of virtually arbitrary dimensions, there are only limitations resulting from technical aspects. The sizes of 115 mm and 155 mm are the often requested bespoke production. We have also introduced a novelty - a multifunctional glass manicure stick you will achieve a perfect manicure with.

Our standard glass nail files are produced in the double-sided version (i.e. the grinding surfaces are present on both sides of the file). The advantage of this design is that during manicure it is possible to turn the file in hand and use both sided of the glass nail file. The other option which is produced upon-demand are single-sided files (i.e. the grinding surface is only on one side of the file and the other side is smooth). Single-sided files are popular with professionals who use them for whole day work because due to the one smooth side they are more considerate to their hands. Single-sided files are used also for special prints (full-area photo-printing and printing of long logos).

Some kinds of fingernail files are also produced in the DUO variant (i.e. with two different roughness’s’ on the file).

I was sent a full size file as well as a mini file! The mini file is the perfect size to pop into my handbag in case I break a nail while out and about (it happens more often than it should!) while the full size is great for every day use.
Again, these files work really well to file down nails gently, I have never torn any of my nails while using these files! They are such a big step up from emery boards!

Glass manicure sticks have two working areas that will facilitate care of your nails. On the first end there is a grinding tip with a mini rounding that easily gets under the nail, yet minimizes the risk of injury. This way you will perfectly remove hardened dirt under nails. From the other side the end is bevelled. The bevel has abrasive surface on its circumference for shaping and smoothing your nails. The flat end is intentionally smooth so that you can push back and remove the cuticle around the fingernail without scratching the nail.
This manicure stick is really pretty and I was surprised that both ends were made of glass! As you can see they do break easily, the flat end already had a chip taken out by the time it was sent to me.
Because mine has a chip out of the tip I did get some scratches on my nail and I found it a little bit rough for my thinner fingernails. However, it works wonders on my toenails!

For treatment of toenails you can use types of nail files mentioned in the part Manicure nail files. We have also developed new glass foot files (foot scrapers) for removing calloused skin on heels and other parts of the sole. The foot file is gentle and safe. In comparison with other pedicure tools you take no risks of injuries while using our foot files. Skin does not tear after its usage but becomes soft and tempting to touch. Moreover our glass rasp is produced in DUO variant, i.e. with two different roughnesses on one file. The coarser side removes fast and effectively calloused skin and the smoother side serves to neatening of skin.

Our foot files are produced with double roughness. The coarser side is meant to remove calloused skin and the other smoother side serves to gentle neatening and final smoothening.

Foot file is made from 6 mm thick glass that ensures excellent resistance of the file. Grinding surface of pedicure files has thanks to our production technology virtually unlimited lifespan as well as our other types of glass nail files.

Easy maintenance
Glass foot scrapers can be washed under a water stream, with a brush and a detergent, eventually in a dish washer.

Wide range of decorations and pouches
Foot scrapers can be either clear or decorated upon customer’s request. We can offer plastic or velvet pouches as casings.

I had no idea what this was when I picked it up from the box and had a fair few giggles because it's massive! It's really quite gentle on the feet and it made my feet super smooth! I didn't take a before and after of my feet because feet are a bit ick for most people!

Final Thoughts
I really enjoy using these manicure tools! I think they are great quality and I would definitely recommend them for anyone wanting beautiful glass files. You can purchase Aveniro's Glass Nail Files through the website ClassyNailFiles.

Thank you so much to Aveniro for sending these for review! ^.^

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