Friday, 23 October 2015

First Impression: Meow Cosmetics Camo Cats Colour Correcting Concealers

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Meow Cosmetics Camo Cats Colour Correcting Concealers! These products are really interesting, they claim to provide different aspects of colour concealing for different areas and problems on the skin! Almost all of the colours cancel out redness and acne scars, so they are suitable for me to use on my entire face rather than spot concealing. These only come in one shade which is SUPER pale!
What Does It Do?
"Based on the simplicity of color cancelling pigments and aided by the multiple luxurious properties of Silk, these glorious Color Correcting Concealers are the newest addition to the Meow Cosmetics line up.

Camo-Cats c3  Enriched with the moisture balancing and anti-inflammatory benefits of Pure Silk Powder, our Color Correcting Concealers are unlike any other mineral concealer.  They were specially formulated to color correct for a plethora of different imperfections while creating the purrrfect blank canvas for mineral foundations in the process. 

Their supple texture and blendable consistency makes them simple and quick to apply, while concealing a multitude of color related imperfections in an instant.  Each shade is designed to conceal specific skin discolorations ranging from bruising and redness  to extremely dark undereye circles.  Silk Powder offers numerous benefits for the skin, including it's numerous amino acids,  but it's really it's moisture balancing "wonder" as it can self-adjust to allow for changes in temperature and humidity.  We recommend a 2-year shelf life on this product from the date of purchase."(1

Covers Acne, Redness, Blotchiness, Rosacea, purple shadows, undereye circles, blue veins, Dark Spots
I was really interested to see the colour differences between my shade of foundation in Angora in comparison to the Camo Cats Yellow shade! CC Yellow is much brighter yellow, very banana like in tone but also much more different in texture, it looks so dry.
CC Yellow is a great colour for my skin tone, but it's so, so dry. So dry. It makes it hard to blend the actual foundation into the skin without buffing away the colour corrector! The CC Yellow shade doesn't cover very much of my acne scarring and my red nose and cheeks still show through.
These Camo Cats really bring out the fine hair on my face, I almost have a full goatee going on! Please excuse the sore looking lips - Oratane is wreaking havoc on my lips but clearing my skin!

Covers Sallowness, Redness, Acne, Rosacea, port wine stains
I initially thought that the CC Green would be my favourite colour, but I feel like the Camo Cat colours are much more prominent than the foundation colour is. This colour makes me look seriously pale and seriously sick, so much so that my sister was very surprised and actually thought I was sick! This colour did cover up my red acne scars really well, but it was so intense that when I tried to specifically spot conceal it was just so obvious. Not a good look.

When Green concealer makes you appear sallow, try blue as an alternative. Also covers ruddiness
This blue is BLUE. Like with the other shades, I chose to apply this over my entire face rather than spot concealing because I have a lot of redness and acne over my face. I'm glad that I did because the colour is so vibrant that if I did spot conceal I wouldn't be able to blend it into the rest of the makeup. It's so blue that the yellow toned foundation over the top of it literally does nothing and I look really, really sick.
This shade was really hard to blend and left me with non coloured spots and bits that had too much product. It was difficult to use and made my face look blue, it didn't even cover up much of the redness or acne either which was much more disappointing to me.
Covers Sallowness, Yellow/Brown Bruises, Pigmentation issues and dark spots on bronze skin tones
This shade doesn't really have any colour concealing properties that I would look for, but I got it just so I could have the set. This was perhaps the hardest shade for me to blend properly, you can see the bare patches where there isn't enough pigment because it's been blended away. This colour makes me look very ill too.

Would I Purchase These Products?
No. I feel like these are so drying for the skin and it really enhances any flakey skin as well as my pores. The shades are too pale for me (say whaat) and the colours are so vibrant that they're visible when spot concealing or just using over the entire face. I'm not 100% sure who to recommend these products to, but if you're looking for super pale colour correctors that are quite vibrant, give these products a go! ^.^


  1. It seems like these would work for only the oiliest skins! Keep on trucking with the acne meds - a number of my friends have gone on it and their skin is perfect now. One of them got so dry while she was on it that her lips would split and bleed regularly!

    1. Thank you! ^.^ I'm hoping my skin will stay nice after I stop taking them too, fingers crossed!!

  2. I've always been fascinated with color correcting concealers, but I can never get it to work for me! Regardless of how I apply or blend, I always look a little green or purple after my foundation -_-' Thanks for sharing though!

    1. Same and same! >< Thanks for reading! :3


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