Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Review: Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream; 01 Light Beige

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream in the shade 01 Light Beige! I've had this BB Cream for quite a while and never used it too much for two reasons, in Winter it's not a great colour for me, but in Summer it's not a great formula for me. What? Find out what I mean below!  
"Peach Sake Pore BB cream is a pore-refining cream that regulates sebum secretion while creating a flawless and matte complexion minus the greasy feeling. Add to that a 20 SPF sun protection factor, and you have one of Skin Food's most popular products on the market. The peach sake pore BB cream #1 is light beige in colour. while the #2 is more of a natural beige."(1)

The packaging comes with a pump as well as cover cap, which is fantastic for travel and hygiene! The BB Cream is quite thick and creamy which makes it feel really lovely on my dry Winter skin, but not so great only oily Summer skin.
This BB Cream comes in a massive 8 shades and I'm reviewing the lightest. From what I gather by reading reviews of the other colours, they are almost all very yellow toned. This colour is almost perfect for my Summer skin, but about one shade too dark for my Winter skin. There are ways to make this colour work for me in Winter, such as adding a white liquid mixer (thins out the coverage ugh) or a white powder (makes my face look too dry ugh) but it's not as good as using just the BB Cream by itself, because the formula is lovely, smooth and hydrating without being greasy.
I quite like the medium coverage this BB Cream provides, it doesn't cover all of my scarring but it does a really decent job! Because my skin doesn't product any oil at the moment (due to acne medication) this BB Cream stays looking exactly the same throughout the day. When I'm not on medication, during Winter it stays well, though my T-Zone will product a little oil, but during Summer my skin produces much more oil and my T-Zone is actually floating in oil which is gross!

What I Love
- Hydrating without feeling greasy
- Good oil control for semi-oily skin
- Really decent scar and pore coverage
- Easy to apply with fingers, sponge or brushes

What I Don't Love
- Too dark for my Winter skin
- Melts off my face in Summer
- Darker 6 shades are hard to find (discontinued)
Final Thoughts
This BB Cream just reminds me of all of my first world problems. It has the perfect formula for my dry winter skin (hydrating without being greasy, smooth coverage) but it's too dark. The colour is good for my darker summer skin, but it slides around my face too much due to the excess  oil. It is quite a bit of work to make this BB Cream look good on my skin which isn't ideal, but it has a really lovely formula, so if it's the right colour for your skin and you don't have super duper oily skin, I would definitely recommend it! ^.^


  1. Nice review, Wow 8 colors is a lot for korea. To bad they seem all quit dark even the one you have is to yellow considering it's the lightest shade.


    1. Thank you! :3 I agree they could be a lot lighter, but at least they have a wider selection of darker colours that aren't usually made in BB Creams!

  2. Maybe this bb cream suit for my tropical skin.


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