Monday, 19 October 2015

Store Review: Rubyruby76

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Rubyruby76 on Ebay! Rubyruby76 is the ebay version of Roseroseshop which apparently has a couple of items in stock that RRS doesn't stock which surprised me!

Website Practicality
Rubyruby76 is hosted on Ebay which I'm sure I don't need to talk about too much!

Price Comparison
Rubyruby76 combines the price of the item and the shipping into one easy to manage price. I find it quite interesting that though Rubyruby76 and Roseroseshop are the same shop/brand the pricing is so different!

Cookie Blusher $6.14 + Shipping $0.00 = $6.14

Cookie Blusher $3.75 + Shipping $4.46 = $8.21

Cosmetic Love
Cookie Blusher $6.94 + Shipping $0.00 = $6.94

Shipping and Packaing
I made my purchase on the 6th of July and it was shipped on the 7th. My order arrived on the 24th of July which is not too bad, but also a week later than my Roseroseshop order from the same day. The shipping was included  in the pricing of this product. My order came wrapped really well and was in perfect condition, though they did leave a leaflet showing how many samples you get with the regular Roseroseshop store, my package had no samples.
I decided to purchase the last blush from the Skinfood Rose Essence Blusher range - No.05 Pink. Rubyruby76 was one of the only places I could find this product!

Honestly I don't love this blusher, just like the other four colours there is so little colour payoff and it's so chalky! I bought it to complete my collection and review, rather than because I actually like the blushers
What I Love
- Stocks some harder to find products
- Shipping is combined with product pricing
- Well packaged, safe shipping

What I Don't Love
- Slower shipping than Roseroseshop
- No samples (though I'm not entitled to anything free, ever)
- Slow-ish shipping

Final Thoughts
My shopping experience with Rubyruby76 was quite average to be honest. The shipping was average, the price was average and there were no free samples (I don't think I've ever had no samples in an Asian Beauty order ever before) so I would choose to shop at the regular Roseroseshop over Rubyruby76 for those reasons. However, if I found a product in stock on Rubyruby76 and not on Roseroseshop, I would still shop with them. It's not a terrible store, just average.


  1. I did price comparisons a few times, and what I have concluded as a general rule is that when I need one specific product, one of RRS's eBay stores offers the best price, but when I want to treat myself to a bigger haul, even when I add shipping, I will add up paying an average of 20% less if I haul from the RRS website. Of course, prices and availability change constantly, but that's been my experience in general.
    It's strange, though, that there was a difference of a week between the times those two packages arrived. I am in Europe and whatever I order from pretty much any big South Korean eBay store, arrives in almost exactly two weeks.

    1. I found it very odd that the shipping time was so different! But I totally agree, RRS Ebay is good for one or two products whereas the normal RRS is best for big bulk hauls.

  2. They sent a leaflet about samples but no samples? That's a bit cheeky, isn't it? :P


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