Monday, 5 October 2015

Store Review: Roseroseshop

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about Roseroseshop! I've been shopping with RRS for absolutely ages and I always end up making massive orders with them because they are almost a wholesale store. Recently RRS redid their store, so I thought it would be appropriate to make another order for the good of the blog (or that's how I justified it!).

Website Practicality
I'm really enjoying the new look of the website! It's really aesthetically pleasing, the categories are well thought out and easy to navigate, it's easy to log in, track orders and checkout. There are still a fair few weird translations and missing descriptions, but it's a gigantic step up from what they had before.
Price Comparison
Generally when I shop with Roseroseshop, I buy bulk products. I tend to shop  for limited edition products elsewhere and with different companies for one off orders. It's cheaper to shop with RRS when you're buying bulk because you can justify the higher shipping price. It's still nothing in comparison to the extortion of KollectionK though, I may as well buy three from Cosmetic Love! ><

Tear Liner $4.57 + Shipping $4.46 = $9.03

Cosmetic Love
Tear Liner $5.90 + Shipping $0.00 = $5.90

Tear Liner $7.38 + Shipping $6.99 = $14.37

Shipping and Packaging
I placed my order on the 6th of July and it was shipped on the 7th. My package arrived at my house on the 16th of July and the entire shipping fee was  $8.86. 
I'm so impressed on how much faster the shipping is now, 7 business day's is fantastic in comparison to the 20 odd days it used to take. Everything was really well bubble wrapped and nothing was damaged at all. I also got samples in the form of a neon orange comb from Tony Moly and two wee Holika Holika skincare bottles. This is much less than I'm used to from Roseroseshop, but free things are free and I'm not going to complain about not getting enough free things!

For this order I concentrated on completing collections of products that I already own. I'm a massive completionist, but I'm also a student who can't afford to purchase full sets of products until they're on sale. Sometimes it takes me years to complete collections, but I feel it's justified since I'm not pushing myself into debt in order to complete collections and do reviews.

This was the last shadow I needed to complete my Missha shadow palette! The Peach shades were not my first choice, but these seem to be mostly discontinued so I can't actually find any of the brown toned ones that I wanted! Oh well, the Peach duo is actually perfect for cheeks which makes this palette great for travel!

The Etude House Tear Eye Liner in the shade White is really lovely and surprisingly has gold glitter flakes throughout! I'm so excited to use this tear liner!

 No.10 Peach Parfait, No.11 Peach Chou Wafer
These are the last two blushes I needed from this range, and I was really pleasantly surprised with the colours as I thought that I wouldn't like these at all!

No.02 Sunny Flower, No.05 Baby Peony, No.06 English Garden
I've finally completed my collection of the Etude House Rosy Tint Lips! I adore the formula of these tints, but my goodness it's hard to push the product out! ><

I have one more of these blushes on the way, but my goodness they are absolutely useless. No colour payoff, and the rose scent is so overwhelming.
I'm so intrigued by this sun spray! I always struggle with reapplying sunscreen on my face every couple of hours when I have makeup on, how is that possible?! Hopefully this is the answer!

What I Love
- Website is aesthetically pleasing
-Easy to navigate, add to cart and check out
- Wholesale prices and insane sales
- Free shipping on selected brands (Mizon currently)
- Quick shipping

What I Don't Love
- Expensive shipping
- Odd samples?

Final Thoughts
I absolutely loved my shopping experience with Roseroseshop! I've always loved shopping with them, and now that their shipping is faster and the website works better I'll definitely be shopping with them more often! I think that as long as you keep your shopping cart light and you're buying more than one thing, Roseroseshop is the best place to shop!


  1. I love that you review stores as well as products! It really helps when websites are based overseas to have reviews so you know that they are safe to buy from. I really appreciate it!

  2. It took me by surprise the new image of the shop, but the page is better organized now. I have been wanting to buy from them for ages! but shipping cost kills me every time ;A; (but soon...jeje). I remember in your first review of the site you said that you had to ask for samples. Did you do that this time too?

  3. Hmm no I didn't ask for samples this time! I think it's a more common for them to give samples nowdays though!

  4. does roseroseshop sell fake? I heard that they product are from ebay which is we don't know the supplier. I am affraid if they sell fae product. what do you thinK?


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