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Review: Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher PK001 Pink Petal Kiss and OR201 Coral Masquerade

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be some of my very favourite products, the Etude House Etoinette Heart Blushers! I spent so long hunting down the elusive Orange shade (and paid a pretty penny for it too!) and I just never got around to reviewing them. I think I hide away from any cheek related reviews because I have scarring on my cheeks and I feel like the photos aren't pretty, but I can't wait for it to go away forever.
"Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher

All your romantic princess dreams will comes true. Girls, be the Princess! From Etoinette...

PK001 Pink Petal Kiss
OR201 Coral Masquerade

This is a baked heart-shape blusher with soft glimmering Pink that supplies skin with a lovely radiant glow.

Each blush color comes in an assortment of elegant pinks or sophisticated corals for a truly gorgeous blend.

Let this blush fulfill all your romantic princess dreams!"(1)

The initial attraction to this line of make up was the packaging. Ohh the packaging! Even the cardboard box is too pretty for me to throw away. The small heart shaped blush cubes are stored in a ridiculously cute pink and gold plastic container with a screw top and little white puff. The details on the container really make the package look elegant, even though it's fully plastic.
 I don't really use the puff at all because I find them a little unhygienic, and I only use three blush heart cubes because I don't want to ruin the other ones. Pedantic, but these are no longer produced and it would cost an arm and a leg to replace them.
The heart shaped blush cubes are unsurprisingly quite fragile. They just don't look sturdy, you can see the little gaps in the pressed powder, and if they fall they will just break. This does make them quite easy to use, because they're constantly flaking off little bits of powder, you don't have to viciously shake the container to get some
 PK001 Pink Petal Kiss
Pink Petal Kiss has three shades of pink, a dark raspberry pink, medium strawberry pink and a light shimmery pink. Blended together they make a shimmery rosy pink colour which is absolutely gorgeous! The darkest shade is the most dominant, but you can choose to put more of the two lighter shades in to lighten the colour a little.
The shimmer is only really noticeable in direct lighting, it doesn't make my pores look large or anything awful like that. It gives my cheeks a really cute rosy flush and I like it a lot!
  OR201 Coral Masquerade
Coral Masquerade has three shades of somewhat orange colours, the first is an orange based tan shade, the second is a deep pumpkin orange and the third is a light warm toned highlight. Mixed together they don't actually have that much colour pay off, and it appears to be a sparkling tan rather than an orange.
I find Coral Masquerade much more disappointing than the Pink Petal Kiss in terms of colour, it just doesn't have as much colour pay off and appears more tan than coral. If I add another of the dark pumpkin orange hearts I do get a more Orange colour, but it also looks really dark on kind of odd on my face.

What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- Customizable colour
- Flattering formula

What I Don't Love
- Hard to find and ridiculously expensive
- Coral Masquerade is quite tan rather than coral
- Very shimmery

Final Thoughts
I absolutely adore the packaging of these blushes, and I love the Pink shade! I don't love the Coral shade because it's just not really the best colour for my skin tone which is really disappointing because it was much more expensive than the Pink! I love the formula of the blushes because they're really flattering on larger pores, they don't make them extra glaringly obvious. I love the packaging of these so much that even though I don't love the Coral colour I'll still keep it!

I would absolutely recommend the Pink Petal Kiss shade if you can find it for less than the price of your first born child, but I would only recommend Coral Masquerade if you like tan or dark orange blushes! Though the cute packaging is a massive plus for both shades! ^.^


  1. Oh man that packaging is stunning! Korean cosmetic companies present their products with so much care - it really makes the packaging of Western cosmetics look boring. On a side note, your inner eye highlight is gorgeous in the video. :)

    1. I definitely tend to buy products that I don't need because the packaging is too cute! >< Thank you so much! It's a super old one from L'Oreal, I can't find anything else that's as bright now days!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. These are so gorgeous ohmigosh ;u; I remember seeing these when they first came out, and now I really regret not getting them then ;A;

    1. You can still buy the pink version if you desperately want it! ^.^

  3. You look so cute in the video. *w* I have the Pink Petal Kiss ones, but it's a bit shimmery for me. Also, your makeup in the background looks so organised. Jealous.

    1. Thank you so much! ^.^ Haha I'm a bit of an organising freak, the other side of the drawers is in shambles from rushing my make up though! ><

  4. does anyone know where to buy put the site here, please


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