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Provided for Review: Beauteque May Mask Maven and BB Bag

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Beauteque May Mask Maven and BB Bag! Both the Mask Maven and BB Bag are monthly subscription services provided by Beauteque, and I have previously tried out a BB Bag but have never tried their Mask Maven! Both the Mask Maven and BB Bag were provided to me for review by Beauteque, but of course my opinion is my own and I would not recommend something that I didn't like.

May Mask Maven
The mask maven bags come with 9 masks and contains an assortment of masks from face masks to body, hair, lips, patches, wash off masks and any other masks you can think of! The month contained 9 face masks with the theme of flowers which I really like because I am a little particular with scents in my masks. With the Mask Maven subscription you can subscribe to this per month for $15, 3 months for $45, 6 months for $84 or a year for $156, so the longer you subscribe the cheaper it is per month!
 Welcos Jeju Volcanic Island Mask: Camilla Flower and Green Tea Flower - $1.99
Both of these masks were pleasant to use and had a light baby powder scent. They were a little difficult to unfold and the serum is quite thick. The fit is slightly bigger around the forehead but it still fits nicely. I particularly loved how big the mouth hole is so the serum doesn't get into my mouth. These masks lasted about an hour before drying out and they both left my face feeling nicely moisturised and slightly brightened.

Etude House 0.2mm Mask in Pearl and Lotus - $1.99
These masks are super thin and comfortable which I really like, though they were a little tricky to put on because of the thiness! The Lotus Flower mask was really pleasant to use, though it does drip serum quite a lot which is quite messy. I found that the Lotus Flower mask actually irritated my skin a little and I ended up with a raised bumps and redness on my forehead, but this went away after an hour. Nothing too troublesome, but obviously not a mask I would repurchase.

Wangskin White Flower Whitening and Anti Wrinkle Mask Pack ($2.99) and Coreana 2 Step Egg Cloud Mask ($3.99)
I ended up trying the Wangskin mask purely because the packet was pink! I really liked how thin this mask was, it was super comfortable to wear for an hour, though I did have to cut it slightly to fit. This mask moisturized my skin nicely and brightened it a little which isn't surprising since it contains Niacinimide.

The Coréana Egg Cloud Mask is very skintertainment-y. Step 1 is to use the sheet mask which foams up into little bubbles after a couple of minutes on the skin. This is a wash off mask (which I totally didn't read initially) and after washing off the mask residue you can use the sleeping pack on top! The sleeping pack contains way too much product for one face, but I still managed to use it all and it left my face feeling moisturised, albeit a little oily.

MJ Care White Flower 2 Step Mask Pack ($3.99) The Face Shop Real Nature Lily Face Mask ($2.20)
The Flower 2 Step mask was a lot of fun to use, there is a Ampoule on the top of the packet and the mask on the bottom. There is way too much Ampoule in the pack and I struggled to get it all onto my face but I got there eventually. I really liked the fit of the mask, it was super thin which was made it nice to wear for a long period of time, though as always I did have to cut away the nose section so it lays flat.

 Coreana Winage Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask - $1.99
I ran out of time to try the last mask, but I did enjoy the other Coréana mask so I'm sure I will like this one too!

BB Bag
Beauteque also offers a BB Bag which I have actually tried before! The BB Bags contain 6 full sized products which range from make up, skincare, body care and tools. This months BB Bag was themed around flowers just like the Mask Maven. The BB Bag is $24 per month, $72 for 3 months, $138 for 6 months or $264 for a year!

Lindsay Lavender Modeling Mask - $6
I am a huge fan of modelling masks, I think they are super fun, but this mask did dry down to rubber before I could finish the application which was a little disappointing! It was also quite chunky rather than being a nice smooth finish so it did make me look like I had been stung by a bee which was actually a little funny. I found that it calmed down a little redness in my skin but not enough that I would repurchase it.

 Oval Face Brush - $6.99
This oval face brush looks like a toothbrush, but actually works well. I've had these types of brushes before and do enjoy using them, so this is a welcome addition to my collection!

Tsaio Camellia Wash- Remove Oil Mousse - $16.99
This make up remover is very skintertainment-y! It actually comes out in a thin foam that looks and smells a little like men's shaving cream. It's super fun to use and actually does remove make up, but I don't consider it to be a 3 in 1 product. It also doesn't remove waterproof mascara well at all either, but, it's still very fun!

It's Skin: My Bottle Vita Soothing Gel- P - $20.99
This gel comes in super cute packaging which is shaped like a little drink bottle, and it smells nice too. The gel itself goes in the essence step of your routine and it's quite thin and watery in texture once you spread it out so it's really quick to absorb. I found that this gel moisturises my skin a little, but it's quite lightweight. This is a product that I would use more during the warmer summer months.

Etude House Cookie Blusher- #6 Grapefruit Jelly - $10
I actually have the complete set of the Lovely Cookie Blushers so this is a product that I already have! I do quite like this blush anyway, it's inexpensive, has great colour payoff and provides a really beautiful finish on the skin so this is a great pick!

 Peripera Speedy Eyebrow Auto Pencil #2 - $8
I quite enjoy this brow pencil, though it's not really my colour because I much prefer darker, more cool toned brows. It is a little funny because the pencil itself is glittery, it looks a little dusty here, but the actual pencil is glittery! The glitter doesn't appear on my brows at all which is a little bizzare, but the actual pencil itself is really lovely, it's pigmented and works well. I also particularly like that there is a little spoolie on the other end.

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed trying out the May Mask Maven and BB Bag! The Mask Maven costs $15 for the month but I got $23.12 worth of masks, and the BB Bag costs $24 for the month but you get a huge $68.97 in products. I particularly enjoyed trying the Mask Maven bag, I'm pretty adventurous in trying out beauty products and certain skincare, but with masks I tend to get boxes of 10 and stick to the brands that I know, so it was nice to try out some new brands that I've never tried before! These subscription services are so fun because you get a surprise every month and it really forces you to try out some of the more indie brands but still gives you some of the KBeauty classics.

Thank you so much to Beauteque for sending these products for review!

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