Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Review: CLIO Kill Cover Airwear Powder Foundation

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the CLIO Kill Cover Airwear Powder Foundation! This is my first CLIO product, and I was very intrigued by the brand in general, but also their fairly small colour ranges!
Air texture, touching a sense of weightlessness foundation. Powder finish, smooth finish with a gloss. Cover lasting, professional powder Long wearing cover.
This foundation comes in a pretty big box because it also comes with it's own brush! The inclusion of the brush does push the price point up, but it is nice that it comes with the best tool to apply the foundation with.
The brush itself is quite elegant and functional.
It's very soft and fluffy, and it does work well for applying this foundation or any other very liquidy foundation too.
The foundation itself is housed in a square, lightweight plastic bottle. It has a little squeeze applicator which disperses the foundation easily.
I bought the lightest shade which is shade 2, Lingerie. I really did debate getting 3 Linen for a while because it seemed more yellow toned which is great for me, but it definitely did look darker.
In comparison to my perfect shade which is NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia this shade is a little darker, but it's still pretty warm toned.
The colour of this foundation is surprisingly nice on my skin, it looks very natural! This foundation is super thin in texture which can make it a little difficult to apply in some ways, but it does make it very easy to blend out! It's near impossible to pour some out onto the back of my hand  because of the liquid texture, so I either have to pour out small portions, or sometimes I pour it straight onto my face and skip the middle (hand) man.
I find that this foundation makes my skin look super smooth and provides medium coverage. It really does feel lightweight too. I really like the way this foundation makes my skin look, it's the prettiest finish I've seen from a foundation in quite some time!
Like it seriously looks like pretty skin to me! You can definitely see the flaws on my skin though, especially any discoloration from scarring or any active acne.
The only thing I don't like about this foundation is that it clings to dry patches. I notice it around my eyes because this area does get dry during the winter.
After wearing this foundation for an 8 hour day, this foundation holds up pretty well!
There is a little glowiness through my T-Zone, but I'm happy with how this foundation wears. It doesn't cake up, rub off or melt through the day which is great!
What I Love
- Elegant, functional packaging
- Comes with it's own brush
- Great colour for Porcelain Princesses
- Gives a beautiful, smooth finish
- Very lightweight on the skin
- Provides medium coverage
- Wears well throughout the day

What I Don't Love
- Can't buy the foundation separately from the brush (ups the price point)
- Limited colour range
- Clings to dry patches

Final Thoughts
I am pleasantly surprised by how much I like this foundation! I am obsessed with the finish, it just makes my skin look so beautiful! There are a couple of points that I don't love of course, the big thing for me is that you can only purchase this foundation with the brush. This pushes the price up substantially, and if I want to repurchase the foundation I don't need a second brush to go with it. They also have a fairly limited colour range, I personally would love one shade lighter, but it's not all about me and I can make do with the shade that I have. I am a big fan of this foundation!

I would recommend the CLIO Kill Cover Airwear Powder Foundation to any Princesses looking for a super lightweight foundation that provides medium coverage and a beautifully smooth finish on the skin.

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