Saturday, 22 July 2017

Provided for Review: Korean Kiwi Beauty Box

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the brand new New Zealand based sheet mask subscription box from Korean Kiwi Beauty! I have worked with Korean Kiwi Beauty before, and when they told me they were creating a subscription service I was so excited because there are only a couple of sheet mask subscription boxes that actually ship to poor little New Zealand! 
To start off with the KKBB (which I am now going to call it) have offered a premium box of masks for $65 and you can choose what type of skin you have. There are 14 full size masks in the box and they are all specifically catered to your skin type. This may seem pricey, but this premium box is a one off, and the monthly subscription will be cheaper.
The premium box comes in a super cute box that is really sturdy. It's a really cute way to store your masks! It was also wrapped really nicely and feel quite luxurious to un-box.
There are 14 full size masks in the box which is awesome, I don't sheet mask everyday so it's going to take me a while to finish this box, but I did try out a couple so I can tell you guys a little about them!
Beyond Herb Garden Peony
This masks smells absolutely amazing, it doesn't fit my face very well, but it has a really thin material so I can layer the mask to fit my face better. It also adheres well to my face and doesn't feel like it's going to slide off. There is heaps of milky serum and it drips a little, but it's not too bad. I found that this mask moisturised nicely and also brightened my skin too! I would probably repurchase this mask.

Beauty Friends Herb Essence Mask Sheet Pack
This mask also smells amazing, but it doesn't fit well at all. The sheet mask itself is quite a thick cotton type of material which doesn't layer and doesn't really adhere nicely. It also has weird proportions for my face, between my eyes and lips was way too long so I ended up with the upper lip section literally in my mouth. This mask has peppermint extract in it which made my skin tingle unpleasantly, but it did moisturise nicely. I probably wouldn't repurchase this mask.

A'Pieu Orange Slice Sheet Mask

These are so much fun to use, there are almost too many to fit on my face! They moisturised nicely and were fun to use.

Holika Holika Dual Zone Mask Sheet 
This sheet mask is fun to use because it comes in two different section, the T-Zone is clay like for pores and the V-Zone is a moisturising mask. However, the T-Zone section leaves a weird clay residue on my skin that I have to scrub off, and the V-Zone mask did a whole bunch of nothing. I'm not super impressed by this mask!

Final Thoughts
I think this premium sheet mask box is absolutely gorgeous but it is on the higher end in terms of price point. It comes with 14 lovely sheet masks and a seriously cute box, but the average price of the masks in this box would almost be $5NZD each which is higher than most of the retail prices for each mask. A portion of this price is obviously taken up by the box too. The shipping on Korean Kiwi Beauty is also free in NZ! The monthly subscription service is going to be cheaper and more details will come in August-September, so I am really excited for that!

Thank you to Korean Kiwi Beauty for sending this beauty box for review!  

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