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Review: Stylenanda 3CE Back To Baby Glow Beam

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Stylenanda 3CE Back To Baby Glow Beams! I saw a Youtuber using this product (and I was sure it was Pony, but was actually U:na!) and I just loved the look it gave her, so I decided to pick up both colours of this hydrating primer!
Boost radiance with a luster-enhancing layer beneath your foundation. Back to Baby Glow Beam is a hydrating cream that creates a light reflecting effect on the skin when worn beneath makeup as a primer. The unique formula smoothly wraps around skin to create a perfectly canvas for foundation application, while shining through with a shimmery glow that helps to minimize the chalky look of foundation.
There are two shades of this primer, a pink and a white. Their packaging is mostly functional, but it is slightly annoying since the tube is made of some metal substance, and if you squeeze it too hard it won't stop squeezing out product. It can make the cap quite messy, so it's important to only squeeze out the smallest amount to start out with!
These glow beams are fairly thick in texture and a little sticky too. Even though there are two different shades the pink is only slightly tinted pink. It's a little more shimmery than the white, whereas the white gives that very glossy dewy look which is a lot more intense!

Glow Beam: White
The white glow beam is colourless, but gives a really beautiful dewy finish to the skin. Rather than being the shimmery type of dewy, this is has a more glossy finish. It is quite intense, so this one is not for the faint hearted!
I love glowy, dewy skin and this Glow Beam really does provide that. However, if I apply too much or apply it in the wrong areas it can make me look greasy rather than glowy. I prefer to apply these primers with a sponge rather than my fingers so I don't apply too much.
This Glow Beam does increase the appearance of texture and pores, so I try to avoid applying in around the sides of my nose where my pores are more apparent. This is also where I get quite oily, so this stops me from from looking greasy at the end of the day.
The Glow Beam gives me extra radiance, even when I wear it with my most dewy foundation! I also find that these primers help a lot with any dry patches of skin, it helps mask them and create an even base for a foundation to be applied on. As long as I apply this Glow Beam with moderation, I can get a beautiful dewy, even looking base. In the photo below I primed the photo right side with the Glow Beam and not the photo left side.
After an 8 hour day you can tell that the primed side is definitely dewier than the un primed side, but I don't think it looks greasy. Using this primer with a matte finish foundation gives me beautiful lit from within finish and really helps smooth everything out.

Glow Beam: Pink
The Glow Beam in Pink has a peachy pink colour and a little bit of shimmer throughout the formula, though you have to look pretty close to see the shimmer.
The Pink shade is a lot less intense than the white and it's not quite as sticky too. I can't see that pinky peach shade on my skin, but it does look pretty luminous!
Again, this Glow Beam does bring out the texture on my skin, but it also provides a beautiful glow! (And yes, that cystic pimple lasted 2 weeks and HURT)!
This is what the Glow Beam looks like when I use a matte finish foundation like the Peripera Ink Drop BB. It makes my skin look luminous without looking oily or greasy, and it helps the foundation application and finish since this particular foundation needs quite a moisturising primer.
After another 8 hour day you can see that the primed side (photo left) is slightly glowier than the un primed side (photo right). The primer doesn't make my skin look any oilier throughout the day, but it still looks glowy. The trick to making these primers last nicely throughout the day without looking greasy is to make sure that you only apply a small amount, and use it in conjunction with foundations that help control oil. If I choose a foundation that normally gets a little too shiny for me after a days wear, I find that these primers will just make it appear more oily and shiny.
What I Love
- Easy to apply
- Gives a beautiful glowy finish to the skin
- Helps foundations apply smoothly
- Minimizes the dryness of matte finish foundations
- Gives me the look of beautiful healthy skin

What I Don't Love
- More on the expensive side at $20USD
- Packaging can be frustrating and messy

Final Thoughts
I really love both of these primers, though I prefer the White primer because I like that glossy, dewy look rather than the shimmery, dewy look. I am a little surprised that I like them at all to be honest because the first time I tried them I used way too much and just looked like an awful grease ball for the entire day. But after a little trial and error, I have found the best way to use this primer to my advantage and I absolutely love it. I think it's a good primer to use during the winter, but it may be too much for my skin during the hot summer weather. But for now it's a product that I'm reaching for everyday that I put on make up!

I would recommend the Stylenanda 3CE Back To Baby Glow Beams to any Princesses looking for a moisturising primer that provides a beautiful glowy base for make up!

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  1. Missha bb boomer is a similar shimmery primer, but is cheaper and has a handy pump tube (like the bb but skinnier and pink)

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