Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Fail or Holy Grail Review: Petitfee Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye & Spot Patch

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Petitfee Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye & Spot Patch! I picked these up sometime last year (so bad, I know!) because I really liked the Gold and Snail version which is a Holy Grail for me! However, these ones turned out to be a fail for me.
The premium combination of black pearl and pure gold powder helps improve blood circulation for a radiant, rosy glow. The patches are soaked in a blend of green tea, mugwort and tangerine extracts concentrated into a rich essence. These lavish ingredients rejuvenate tired skin and dull eye bags for a brighter and healthier look.
These patches come housed in the same cute little jar as the gold and snail version does, but this version has eye patches as well as spot patches! Because this version has the spot patches, it means that the eye patch is quite a harsh C shape rather than the slightly curved yin and yang shape the gold and snail version is. I actually have no use for the circular patches either.
Because of this I find that these patches sit very poorly around my eyes. If I try to get the patches close to my lash line, the edge of the C pokes my eye because it is too sharp. Having the patches this close to my lash line means the patch sits on top of my eye wrinkles which it should be ideally smoothing, however I can't wear them this high because they literally poke me in the eye.
This is where the patches sit if I don't want to be poked in the eye. This misses some of the wrinkles that I would ideally be targeting and does lessen the effectiveness of the product.
In the before and after photos, I can't really tell which is the before or the after. These patches aren't as effective as the Gold and Snail, partially because of the shape, but I also don't think the formula of the product is better either.
What I Love
- Pretty, functional packaging

What I Don't Love
- The shape of the eye patches don't fit my eyes
- The patches aren't effective in brightening

Final Thoughts
I'm not particularly sure how I would tell if these patches were helping to improve my blood circulation, but they don't make my under eye area look any brighter or healthier. They also fit very poorly for me, though I know that some Princesses prefer this C shape over the Yin and Yang shape. These patches just aren't for me, I much prefer the Gold and Snail patches for shape as well as effectivness.

I would recommend the Petitfee Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye & Spot Patch to any Princesses looking for an under eye patch in the C shape! 

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  1. It's a shame these aren't shaped well! :( I was hoping to try these too, but after your review, I think I'll stick with the Gold & Snail. =/


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