Monday, 4 January 2016

Store Review: Lime Crime

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Lime Crime! There are SO many people that hate Lime Crime due to the shocking scandals involving the company over many years. They have had claims that some of their products are repackaged shadows from another company, that all of the images are photoshopped to show colours that are not accurate, and most recently and most shocking of all that they were wilfully taking money from customers while their website was hacked about a year ago resulting in hundreds of customers having their lives ripped apart just from purchasing one lipstick from the Lime Crime website.

I'm not here to tell you that you should support Lime Crime if you don't feel right doing so. I'm here to tell you about my shopping experience with a website and how fast they ship to New Zealand. If you don't want to support the brand then don't. But please, don't leave nasty comments on my personal space on the internet because you don't agree with my decision to shop there.

Though in my personal opinion, it's not that the website itself was hacked that makes Lime Crime a dubious brand, it's the many screenshots of people conversing with the owner Doe Deere previous to her success with Lime Crime where she is generally rude to people. It's the photos that shine a light on how closely some of the products resemble other products that were produced long before the LC were. It's the fact that though their website was hacked along with many others, Lime Crime did not tell their customers as soon as it happened and warn them about the danger of fraudulent charges. 

If you don't like them, then don't shop there. I personally chose to shop there because I already had almost half of their products. I really wanted to review them because there are some nice products, and some terrible products. So therefore - I have to get the rest of the products somewhere, and buying their products at another store still means you're supporting the brand so it really makes no difference at the end of the day.

Rant over - onto the store review! 

Website Practicality
I found the website very easy to shop with. It's very pleasing visually and I like the tabs running accross the top of the page for navigation. I found it very easy to add select shades to my bag, create a log in and check out. I didn't like that you needed to click on each specific shade in the drop down bar to see the pricing while on sale, it's pretty time consuming since they have quite a lot of shades. I always shop online using PayPal and I had no issues with my purchase.

Price Comparison
Since Lime Crime was offering free shipping to New Zealand I could justify the prices much more!

Lime Crime Countessa Fluorescent - $18.00 + Shipping - $10.95 = $28.95

Dollskill Countessa Fluorescent - $18.00 + Shipping - $0.00 = $18.00

Shipping and Packaging
I placed my order during their Black Friday sale on the 27th of November. My order was shipped on the 2nd of December and arrived on the 11th of December. My package arrived in a plain white box with floral on the inside which I think is just gorgeous! I was surprised that there was no bubble wrap, just yellow tissue paper and I was incredibly surprised that I was sent two lipsticks in the 6th Anniversary packaging which was produced 67 weeks ago according to the last time I purchased from them when the anniversary was released. This just means that the lipsticks have been sitting around for 67 weeks (at least) since it was marketed as "super limited edition packaging" and won't be as good for as long.
I chose to complete my collection of the Carousel Glosses, and the "wearable" Unicorn Lipsticks.
I will be reviewing these later on in the month!
I purchased Eraser, Countessa Fluorescent, D'Lilac and Retrofuturist. Eraser is much browner than I anticipated!

Final Thoughts
Since there was free shipping, I think this purchase was pretty worth it for me since the prices were so low during the Black Friday sale. The shipping was quick and uneventful, I'm a little irritated that they gave me such old lipsticks but eh. I payed with Paypal and haven't had any fraudulent charges, and all of my friends that previously shopped with LC with Paypal also never had any issues. I think if you're shopping using PayPal you shouldn't have any issues, and you should be scared of shopping with Lime Crime. Though when they axe the free shipping to New Zealand then I will probably start shopping at Dollskill instead since they have free shipping.

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  1. I have a few LimeCrime lipsticks. It's a shame that they are such a bad brand as I do love the lipsticks that I have. I particularly love Airborne Unicorn. I've made the decision to stop buying their products as their vegan status has come under question - but looking at your gorgeous pictures of the lipglosses has made me feel quite jelly, especially that deep purple second from the left!

    1. Ooh girl wait for the gloss review in two weeks and you may change your mind! (Though TBH the purple is probably my favourite out of the 5!)


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