Monday, 18 January 2016

Store Review: ASOS

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with ASOS! I've previously purchased from ASOS before but I never actually talked about my shopping experience. I think it's important to note that though this purchase was only apparel, ASOS is renowned for awful packaging while shipping cosmetics. I would avoid purchasing anything in glass bottles from ASOS because they will not bubble wrap them and there is a high chance they will be broken which sucks. But let's get on with the review! ^ ^

Website Practicality
The website is pretty good looking and quite easy to navigate. There are a fair few filter options, but they aren't 100% accurate all the time which is a little frustrating when you're trying to look for something specific in your size! It's easy to save items, but it's a little irritating trying to stack your bag because it tends to remove items like every 30mins or something which is irritating! I found it easy to create a login and checkout my order.
Price Comparison
I can't really compare the prices of ASOS since the apparel is mostly home owned by ASOS.

Shipping and Packaging
My shipping was free since my order was over $40NZD. I placed my order on the 6th of January, it was shipped on the 7th and arrived on the 13th.
The package was wrapped really cutely and everything came unharmed. You can actually use the bag as the return bag too!
Products Purchased
These are the cutest shoes ever! I love glitter and I love pink so I love these shoes! I purchased UK size 3 which is NZ size 5. I'm usually a 5-6 depending on the brand/shape of shoes, but at the time of purchase there was only a 3 or 5 available so I went for the 3.

These fit, but only just. The top of my toe is touching the end of the shoe which isn't a great sign for a good fitting shoe. I'm hoping these will soften a little with wear, though since they are fully synthetic my hopes aren't too high! I can wear them, but they could be better fitted.

I'm really disappointed by the colour and quality of this skirt! The website shows a pretty almost dusky pink shade called "nude" but in real life it's much more of a peach. The quality of the fabric is poor which is reflected in the price, but it's seriously see-through, so nude knickers are a total must. Spanx is a pretty big must for me since this type of material emphasizes every lump (and the lack of butt bump).
Final Thoughts
I enjoyed my shopping experience with ASOS and would definitely shop there again! I adore the shoes I chose, and while the skirt is beautiful, it's definitely a cheap product. I really love that the shipping is really quick and has a free shipping limit, they have regular sales which are really good value and I can set the site in NZD which means that I don't underestimate how much I'll be spending! I definitely recommend having a browse if you haven't already! ^ ^

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