Friday, 29 January 2016

First Impression: Cosrx Blackhead and Pore Zero Patch

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Cosrx Blackhead and Pore Zero Patch! I received this as a free sample at some point in my life, and thought that it was a really interesting product to try out. I don't usually use pore strips, but this seemed to be a little different to the usual sticky strips!
What Does It Do?
"In a single patch, there is a sheet and serum part to remove blackheads(Step1), and restore suppleness to sagging pores(Step2).

1) Step 1 : Excellent blackhead management ! Naturally derived ingredients from bark, fruit and branch of snowbell, are great for blackhead removal, melts away the dead skin cell layer, and enables easy emission out of the pores, ending in effectively removing the sebum inside the pores and skin waste.

2) Step 2 : Sagging pore astringence ! If you removed the blackheads and sebum in the step 1, eliminating the causes of pore enlargement and lack of suppleness. You can help the pores contact and remain supple in the step 2 with COSRX Pore Tightening Serum. The Serum helps with contraction of the pores after blackhead removal, managing blackheads and pores.

3) Low-stimulation, customized formulation is great for sensitive skin The customized sheet made from 100% cotton minimized stimulation, improving from existent nose packs, by adhering to the skin. Additionally, Centella Asiatica Leaf Water is great ingredient for sensitive skin !

4) Convenient way to manage blackheads and pores This is an economical and rational methods to manage blackheads and pores. Blackhead and Pore Zero Patch is facilitated for busy people for use only once or twice a week. Individual packaging of the sheet and customized serum all in a hygienic disposable pouch makes it usable on the go, and handy to carry around without constraints of place and time.

1) After facial wash, put on the step 1 blackhead patch on the nose, to adhere for 10-15 minutes.
2) When 10-15 minutes have passes, use cotton swab or sebum extruder to remove blackheads, whiteheads, and sebum by blotting.
3) Wash off the nose area with lukewarm water and spread evenly the step 2 pore tightening serum on the areas where covered by the patch."(1)
This product is definitely different to any nose strips that I've used before, the nose strip is super soaked in essence when first puled out of the packet and very thick. The packets instruction seem to be mis-translated, because they instruct you to let the cotton dry on your nose, but remove it while still moist. IMPOSSIBLE.
This is the comparison of before and after the first nose strip. I didn't see any blackheads being lifted or removed in real life, though in these close photos I do see some small smoothing results. I don't really have blackheads, only sebaceous filaments so I expected very minimal results anyway!
The before and after or the pore serum is just as underwhelming, it didn't really do much at all other than smelling super alcoholic and making my skin feel dry and tight.

Would I Purchase This Product?
No. Perhaps this product isn't quite marketed for me as I don't have blackheads, so that is maybe why I didn't see any results, but I didn't really see any reults so therefore would not purchase. I would be interested to see photos of people that have actually got blackheads using this product though! It is quite inexpensive at around $2USD per patch, and very easy to use, so if you're interested try and pick up a couple and just try them out! ^ ^

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