Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Review: Missha The Style Art Designing Foundation 12 Hours

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Missha The Style Art Designing Foundation 12 Hours in shade 13! I believe that this foundation has been discontinued since I can't really find it for sale anywhere, but I'll be talking about it anyway! ^ ^
"Foundation to make moist and bright skin last for all day long

* Moisturizing Make-Up
Rich in Hyaluronic acid and Trehalose, noted natural moisturizing ingredients, it makes the skin moisturized and keeps it comfortable for up to 12 hours to express even and radiant skin tone for all day long.
With soft and moist touch like essence and delicate pearls, it adjusts skin tone radiant and helps boost the benefit of following foundation
Porous sebum control powder minimizes glossiness on the skin by sebum secretion and keeps the skin clean.

*HD Make-Up
Silicon elastomer with fine particles evens the skin and HD optical powder with soft focus effect which has similar refractive rate with skin, express soft  and silky skin."(1)
This foundation comes housed in a very pretty bottle with wee holographic snowflakes much like the powder pact I reviewed last year!
It's a decently light colour, though I was hoping it would be more similar in colour to the Missha BB Creams. It blends out quite well into my skin, though it is ever so slightly orange in tone than what I would prefer.
I can't believe how good my skin is looking at the moment! It's so much nicer for me to edit these and not have to worry about lumpy acne poking though, finally! I thought this foundation would have more coverage, but it's still quite light in coverage, you can see my deeper scarring even under two layers of foundation.
I have had this foundation for a while, so this is what it looked like on my old acne/scarred skin. I would definitely call this light to medium coverage.
However, the oil control isn't very good. I have no idea how they can call this a 12hour foundation since this is what it looks like after just 6 hours! My face even looks oily in the first photo set, I haven't had my skin look this oily since starting my acne medication since the medication stops oil production in the skin, so getting oily is actually kinda an achievement really!
The colour in comparison to my neck isn't bad at all, it's slightly more orange than the NARS Siberia shade which is my ideal colour, but this is much cheaper only costing me $10NZD  since it was on sale! ^ ^
What I Love
- Not a bad colour for me
- Easy to apply with fingers, brushes or sponges
- Great packaging, 100% of product used
- Light to medium coverage  

What I Don't Love
- Very average oil control

Final Thoughts
I feel pretty ambivalent about this foundation. It's a suitable colour, but doesn't have the best lasting power, but it has great packaging and it's super easy to apply. It's not a Holy Grail foundation or something that I reach for regularly, but I also don't think it's terrible. It's just meh.

I would definitely recommend this foundation for Princesses looking for light to medium coverage in a quite light shade, especially since you're bound to find it on sale since it's discontinued! ^ ^

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  1. Thank you for the review! It actually looks pretty good on you, but for me... I'd probably need the oil control in a concealer! (Esp because I do get acne in oily spots...)

    Junniku blog! (What I got for Christmas)

    1. Thank you! ^ ^ Ooh this isn't what I would recommend for oily skin especially if you already have issues!


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