Friday, 22 January 2016

First Impression: Mecca Cosmetics In A Good Light; Fair

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Mecca Cosmetica In A Good Light! I was given this sample after talking with one of the sales assistants about the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer, and her advising me that it wouldn't work well with my dry skin. She gave me this sample when I purchased something else and said the colour would be perfect for my skin!
What Does It Do?
"In A Good Light SPF 30 is a tinted moisturising sunscreen that provides broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays in a hydrating, matte finish cream. A multi-tasking wonder, this bestselling formula gives skin a sheer tint and a visible, natural radiance. Contains SPF 30 for advanced sun protection and hyaluronic acid, pomegranate extract and vitamin E in a non-oily and non-whitening formula."(1)
Uhh, WHAT. This does not look like the right colour for me whatsoever. On my arm is does blend out to be manageable colour-wise, but it still looks significantly darker than my own skin tone.
I almost white girl died while blending this out on my face. I had to go to work that day so I was panicking about how I was going to fix this awful colour match.
In the end it blended out fine, but still looked like I used the wrong shade of tinted moisturiser. It isn't close enough to my skintone to wear outside of the house, so I topped it off with a very light pressed powder foundation. Sadly, this means that I can't do a wear test in terms of oil control and longevity to complete this review, but I refuse to look like I've got a fake tanned face in public.
This tinted moisturiser gives very sheer coverage, enough to blur some of my scarring but not enough to hide my freckles. It is really sheer and glowy, it actually has a lovely finish!
But it's just way too dark. They have a lighter colour and I'm not sure why she didn't give me a sample of that one ><

Would I Purchase This Product?
No, certainly not this colour! I actually quite like the formula and effect that the tinted moisturiser had on my skin, but the colour is just soo off putting for me! I found that it made my skin look quite nice, it does have hyaluronic acid in the formula which means that it should be quite moisturising too, I'm surprisingly happy with the tinted moisturiser other than the colour!

I would definitely suggest this tinted moisturiser for any Princesses that are looking for something that has very light coverage and a very glow finish. ^ ^ 

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