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Review: Lime Crime Carousel Gloss

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Lime Crime Carousel Glosses! These are the five shades that are still sold, I don't have the previous shades since they were definitely not colours I was interested in at the time! If you don't like Lime Crime and don't want to support them, feel free to click away from this review now!
"Shines like a gloss, pigmented like a lipstick, and is loaded to the brim with sparkle."(1)
The Carousel Glosses come packaged in a really pretty purple box. The glosses packaging is really pretty in the swirled plastic tube and they're very easy to store.
They come with a brush applicator which I dislike immensely. They split/fray easily and I just find it very difficult to create a nice crisp line. I prefer a doe-foot applicator personally!
Hollygram is a dark green gloss with a light green shimmer.
This is, uhh, not something I would choose to wear on an everyday basis or even on special occasions. My swatch is much darker than the swatch on the website and I find this one especially difficult to apply! I needed to apply three layers of this to get it to this opacity but it just looks awful.
Usually I would apply a lip liner under this type of gloss, but I don't have a green liner! It looks awful around the outside perimeter of my mouth and you can see the gloss line on the last photo where I've been rubbing my lips together and it smooshed it around in the grossest way. No thanks.

 Present is a rich berry toned purple.
This shade is probably the most accurate in terms of matching colours to the websites swatches. I wouldn't call this shade "loaded to the brim with sparkle" though!
I really like this colour, but it gets all up in my grill! It definitely needs a lip liner, because if you don't use one it ends up looking like the whore lip in the below photo!
 This is definitely a shade that I enjoy though, it's so glamorous!
Candy Apple
Candy Apple is a deep Snow White red with pink glitter
This shade either needs to have a lip liner underneath to beef up the pigmentation or three solid layers of gloss. Or a red lipstick. Either way, it needs help! This shade in particular feathers really badly and ends up dripping down my face, it's the worst lip product for feather that I've ever tried in all honesty!
It definitely is pigmented, but not to the extent that the website photo appears to be which is frustrating.
Cherry On Top
Cherry On Top is a pretty pinky-red.
This lip gloss has the exact problem as Candy Apple. It is a beautiful colour by itself, but it's nowhere near the depth of colour that is advertised.
This one has very little sparkle (which I actually quite like) so this one feels lovely as a gloss, the polar opposite of Snowsicle.

 Snowsicle is a clear gloss with holographic glitters.
This is no where near as nice in real life as it looks on the website. It's a little disappointing since it does look very beautiful, glossy and sparkly in the promotional imagery, but not so much in real life.
I found this gloss the most disappointing, in reality it just looks like a clear gloss with silver glitter, you can't really see the holographic glitter unless you tilt your head the exact right way, which isn't realistic. It also has the worst texture, it feels more like a lip exfoliator rather than a gloss it's so gritty.
I think Hollygram is probably my least favourite because it looks just awful on my lips, along with Snowsicle since it's the most disappointing for me (also gross and gritty to wear!). I think these would all 100% be better looking with lipliners since it'd give me a nice crisp line on the lips and I wouldn't have to pile on the gloss to get the pigmentation, thus making my lips look and feel like slugs.
What I Love
- The red shades are quite nice
- Inexpensive while on sale

What I Don't Love
- Full price $17 for a gloss is expensive
- Feather like nobodies business
- Hard to apply
- Not actually that pigmented, reds need a lip liner
- Green? Why not an orange?
- Snowsicle doesn't look like it's photo

Final Thoughts
Though I like the red shades (Present, Candy Apple and Cherry On Top) I don't actually like these glosses very much at all. I find them to be very sticky, tacky and mostly quite gritty which I don't find pleasant, and they all need something underneath them like a lipstick or lip liner so that you don't have to pile on three layers of gloss to create an opaque finish. I really hate how much the darker colours feather on my lips, using a lip liner doesn't help this either which sucks, and I'm not sure why they included a green gloss rather than an orange or lighter pink?

I would recommend these glosses to any Princesses looking for a short term, pigmented gloss! I wouldn't recommend them for any long term wear as they feather badly. 

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  1. They look good but I do not know if you have heard in the news but Lime Crime is being sued because of their products. Apparently, most of them contain harmful chemicals. There are many issues about their websites too regarding money and the owner didnt bother to give a clear answer. One of my friends bought a lip product from them too, it looks good but now it just turned into a gross thing. I will never buy products from Lime Crime nor will I ever recommend them to anyone. Please read more about Lime Crime for your own good as well.

    love lots,

    1. Hey Tin! So far there is no solid proof for the against the company Lime Crime and though I don't particularly like their products or ethics behind the brand it is a little unfair to speculate that they contain harmful chemicals (other than the LC Red Velvet Velvetine). I'm not sure if you read the store review that I did previously, but I did do a lot of research about the brand and had bought the majority of these previous to the credit scandal. Though I do not support this company, I will still review their products that I already own in a fair way. Thanks for reading! (:


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