Monday, 3 March 2014

Manicure Monday: Iconoclast

Hello Princesses!

Today's Manicure Monday features my first Rescue Beauty Lounge - Iconoclast (which I used in this manicure too) and Sinful Colors Green Ocean! I'm totally in love with today's manicure, and really gutted that I couldn't capture what I see in real life on camera :C but bear with me! 
I tried to do a glitter gradient (failing pretty miserably, again) but I think it still looked super duper pretty! I painted these at night time, and since I moved my room around there is just never enough light in my little nail corner, so some of my fingers are a little uneven >< I think I might invest in another lamp for the nail corner!
I really liked the way that these turned out, even though the camera doesn't capture it accurately! What do you princesses think?


  1. Love the glitter on black!!! It reminds me of a mermaid in a night ocean. :)

    1. Haha that's exactly what I though! I was going to call the whole manicure dark mermaids or something like that and then I chickened out and just went with the polish name ><

  2. Woah amazing! This looks so great <3 Very mermaidy xx


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