Friday, 7 March 2014

Guest Post from Lani Loves: Nature Republic Provence Blossom Blusher #1 Pink

Hello Princesses!

Today is an extra special post, because the lovely Lani and I are guest blogging for one another! ^.^

Hey lovely Little Porcelain Princess readers!

I'm Lani and I blog over at Lani Loves. The beautiful Becca and I share a love (and crippling weakness for) Korean cosmetics & beauty products, so we decided to do something fun - guest posts! 

Today I'll be talking about Nature Republic's Provence Blossom Blusher #1 Pink, a super pretty product I've been loving lately. 
This blush is packaged beautifully in a floral cardboard case. Despite being cardboard, the packaging feels really sturdy and would probably survive being toted around in a make up bag. That being said, I prefer to display this on my make up cabinet where I can easily admire it :)
Inside the case there is a soft puff for applying the blush with. I've alternated between a blush brush and the puff included and I do think the puff is a great way to apply this product. Using a brush kicked up a little too much powder while the puff pick up just enough. 
The blush itself is a soft shimmery peach-tinged pink. Because it's quite pale, sheer and shimmery, I don't actually use this as a blush, and I can't imagine it working as a blush on many skintones. Where it excels is as a highlighter. The shimmer is finely milled but visible and the product blends and lasts well.
Here it is in action on my cheeks. Subtle, right? You can just see the shimmer glinting away at the top of my cheek. Hopefully. Highlighter is hard to photograph! ;)
Swatched on bare skin heavily on the right and sheered out on the left. This is a little easier to see! Swatched heavily you can see it's a tad powdery, but it blends out beautifully. I haven't experienced any fallout from the shimmer either.

And finally, worn as part of a full make up look. A nice subtle glow! Love it.

What I liked:
  • Soft, blendable texture
  • Just enough shimmer to add a glowing highlight, not so much that you'll get mistaken for a disco ball!
  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Wonderful as a highlighter
What I didn't like:
  • Too pale, sheer and shimmery to use as a blush
Where to buy:
  • Ebay, Korean cosmetic etailers - I bought mine from glory-yp on Ebay.

What do you think of this product? Do you have any make up you prefer to use for other purposes? Thanks so much for reading, and to Becca for having me :)


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