Friday, 28 February 2014

First Impression: The Smim 3D Radiating Moisturizing Solution Ampoule

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about The Face Shop, The Smim 3D Radiating Moisturizing Solution Ampoule. This is a very long name for what I consider to be a very confusing product! I got 4 of these sample sachets in a sample bundle from the super sweet Lani Loves! ^.^
I love samples, but the only bad part about using so many Korean cosmetic samples, is that they are almost always written in Korean (funny that), and never have ingredients or how to use instructions on them. These samples were no different, except for the fact that they were also super hard to research! >< Google was turning up almost nothing for this product, and the information I could find was badly written, hard to understand and contradicting. The only credible English information I can find is from the International The Face Shop website and from Tester Korea, and they don't exactly have the same information.

What Does It Do?
(International The Face Shop information)
"A moisturizing + radiating ampoule that meticulously replenishes skin with moisture creating translucent skin. Also contains pink tone radiating powder that makes pale skin look healthy, delivering instant radiance.

*Natural fermented moisturizing ingredients
*Lactobacillus, soybean fermented extract, buttercup, mistletoe extract
*A fermented moisturizer that goes through the process of 2 step fermentation (liquid-solid fermentation) maximizing the efficacy
*Excellent skin hydration, irritation soothing, calming effects
*Highly moisturizing wrapping film
*Moisture wrapping – Hyaluronic acid
*Hydration wrapping – Bean derived lecithin, triglycerides (main ingredient of skin lipids)

How to use
- Pump 1~2 up to designated line and apply evenly onto face before essence and gently pat for full absorption"(1)

(Tester Korea information)
"THE FACE SHOP Smim 3D Radiating Moisturizing Solution Ampoule

Volume : 8ml*4EA

Ingredients : : Niacin amide, Shea butter, Strawberry extract, Yogurt, Grapefruit extract

Ultimate brightening solution ampoule with a 3D Radiating Moisturizing Solution capsule. This is a 28day solution capsule that corrects your irregular skin toners - dark, uneven tone and pigmentation. A fermentation ingredient from quintuple strength cloudberry and a triple strength kefir moisturizes your skin intensively
and lightens your skin tone.

Apply one or two pumps to the palm of your hand and spread it on your face and gently pat it to be absorbed before use of a essence, every morning and night. You may use 1 bottle for a week depending on the grid lines." (2)

What bothers me the most is the lack of definite ingredients. I find it highly unlikely that this product only contains Niacin amide, Shea butter, Strawberry extract, Yogurt, Grapefruit extract like Tester Korea states, which is completely different to the Lactobacillus, soybean fermented extract, buttercup, mistletoe extract that The Face Shop states. I have absolutely no idea what's in this product!
The Ampoule comes out of the packet a creamy white colour and turns a gorgeous pinky purple opal colour on my hand. It has a a moderate citrusy scent and a thin texture that spreads easily over my skin., I often found that I had too much product rather than having too little. I find that the Ampoule absorbs moderately fast, but leaves a sticky residue on my face for what seems like forever, (but is really only about 20mins). The Ampoule is really light and moisturizing, works great as a night cream or as a makeup base, but it does make my skincare regime take longer in the morning because I have to wait for it to absorb.
It's very expensive, at $46NZD a bottle, and comes with a full line of products which I am really interested in. I think it's unlikely that I will buy the whole line myself as it's very expensive (and I have a LOT of skincare products already), but I have to say that the line does intrigue me!

I can't say for sure that all the claims are true (because i don't know what the claims are, and because I only used it for about 10 days) but I can say that my skin felt more hydrated, soft and supple, and it didn't give me any allergic reactions (thank goodness because I still have no idea what's in the product)!

Would I Purchase This Product?
I would like to try more of this product! It's pretty expensive, and it's highly unlikely that I will actually run out of moisturizers (goo hoarding at it's best!) but if it's ever an option for me, then I would love to try the full sized product! It made my skin feel really smooth and hydrated, without feeling oily or greasy.

Has anyone else tried this product? I'm so curious to find out more about it!


  1. Tester Korea tends to over-simplify and or mistranslate their product descriptions. :P I had to correct them once when they wrote "cherry co*k" instead of cherry coke >...> for a lip balm. They never seem to put all the ingredients and it bothers me so much! lol.

    The only thing on that list that looks the same is the yogurt = lactobacillus.

  2. I've heard good things about the eye cream from this line, and I've personally tried a sample of the cream and liked it a lot. It seems like a promising line, though I haven't seen a ton of reviews on it.


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