Friday, 28 March 2014

First Impression: TonyMoly I'm Real, Tea Tree Sebum and Pore Lotion

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the TonyMoly I'm Real, Tea Tree Sebum and Pore lotion sample! I feel like I should just name this First Impression series First Impression Friday because they always happen on a Friday! ><

What Does It Do?

- Natural Emulsion For Acne-prone Skin Type
- Tee tree leaf extract calms greasy skin and pores
- Keep moisture & oil balance 

Main ingredients
- Fair trade Argan oil
- Natural ingredients 90%
- Mineral water 20,000mg
- 9 No Added Formula (Parabens, talc, triethanolamine, benzyl alcohol, sulfate-based surfactants, propylene glycol, mineral oil, benzophenone, artificial colors FREE)

How to Use
After using toner, apply proper amount and spread evenly. (1)
I only had one of these samples, but I was really intrigued by this product! It has a very thin watery texture that spreads easily, absorbs super fast and has a soft matte finish. This does smell a lot like Tea Tree, so if you can't stand the smell, then I would stay away from this product!

I didn't see any difference to my skin in terms of pore size or sebum production, but the lotion didn't make me any oilier than I would usually get. I don't really expect to see any results after using a product three times anyway!

Would I Purchase This Product?

I would love to try the full size of this lotion! It's fairly inexpensive at around $20NZD, absorbs quickly and isn't sticky, plus it has a soft matte finish. Personally, I didn't see any difference to my pores or sebum, but after one sample packet I would have been amazed if I did! It looks like this I'm Real range comes with a whole bunch of Lotions and toners too, so I would be interested in trying them too since they seem to have relatively natural ingredients that won't trigger my allergies! 

Have any of you princesses tried the TonyMoly I'm Real Skincare line?


  1. This looks like an interesting product to try. I have the tea tree essence from Inisfree and it's pretty cool. Not a miracle, but it is a nice cheaper alternative to higher end products. :)

  2. I've been using this product for about two months now. I have combination skin that tends to be a bit oilier during the summer. This does leave a soft matte finish and absorbs pretty quickly because of it's gel/water like texture. I guess the main con would be the tea tree smell, but I don't mind it too much since my skin hasn't reacted badly towards it. For the summer this light weight moisturizer would be enough for my skin, but sometimes it gets a bit oilier after a few hours. This would probably not be enough moisture for my skin during the Fall and Winter seasons. I probably won't purchase it again. It's nothing that I would call a holy grail product. I don't think it does much for my pores, which aren't really big in the first place. As for oil control I would have to say it's decent most of the time.

  3. Interesting. I also got this sample and was wondering how to use it. Lol I had not heard much about this product I was give step 1 and 2 as a sample. Not sure yet if it would be a product to purchase. I have a couple of samples but just not sure how to incorporate them into my skin care routine. I have combination skin so I think this would be a good product to try.

  4. do you still use this? :D


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