Monday, 17 March 2014

Manicure Monday: Fairy Biscuit

Hello Princesses!

Today I have a super special manicure using my very first Star Kin polish by Every Sensory! I was given this mini polish by my sample angel, Lani from Lani Loves, with a bunch of other Korean skincare samples that I am super excited to use, thank you so much Lani!

Star Kin is a New Zealand based brand and I've known the owners for almost a year now through PANZ! This is what they say about their polishes;

"Our polishes are handmade in New Zealand from base, pigments and dyes, and contain two stainless steel balls for ease of mixing. They are tested on ourselves, family and friends, never on animals. The base we use is Big 5 Free, and vegan."(1)
"Fairy Biscuit - the genius creation of Claudine! She created this very pretty polish then asked me to dupe it for the other people who wanted to own it. Super flattered! This polish is a pretty pastel mint creme/jelly with circle glitters in pink, purple, aqua and also iridescent glitter. This polish does need a top coat to look it's best, some of the heavier glitters may settle towards the bottom of the bottle, however none are that heavy and a quick roll or shake will redistribute these." (1)

I absolutely adore this polish! From the swatches I'd seen, I just had to had to have it! I found that the formula was thicker than I had anticipated, because the polish is literally packed with a whole bunch of glitter! I used three coats of Fairy Biscuit because I found it quite difficult to distribute the polish and glitter evenly, and two coats of clear topcoats, (one to stick the gems on, the second to fix them better!), which made the polish look a lot smoother. 

I've been wearing this manicure for 4 days, and haven't had any chipping or dulling, so I'm super impressed! I totally want to buy more Star Kin's! I'm currently lusting after Fog People and their Cuti-Cuddles in White Chocolate Macadamia (and now I'm hungry!).

What do you princesses think of this manicure?


  1. Wow- I love this nail polish!
    Looks great~

  2. This one is sooo cute, totally my style :)
    Really need to get that nail polish (A)


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