Friday, 14 March 2014

First Impression: Tony Moly Floria Whitening Skincare

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about Tony Moly's Floria Whitening Skincare! I have been putting these in my cart at RoseRoseShop for so long, but I never ended up buying the sample sets because I would always trade them out for other more fun looking sample sets ><

Whitening Capsule Essence

What Does It Do?
Essence that uses 'white flower capsules', which burst on the skin to prevent oxidation and kombucha provides an insulin-like effect on skin diabetes to improve the skin tone. (1) Suitable for women in their 20~30s, for all skin type, for immediate whitening and moisturizing. White flower and natural pearls whitening, moisturizing properties offer clear glowing white watery skin. Special whitening line includes patented ingredient, Kombucha, and water lily extract with antioxidant properties to bring back healthy, clear skin. 

- Pearl Powder Enriched amino acid, natural minerals diminish the appearance of dark spots, freckles to prolong resilient skin and be against skin aging.
- Evening primrose oil Highly moisturize skin, leave skin soft and moisture with forming a protective layer on skin.
- White Flower Complex A cosmetic complex from petals with concentrated vitamin delivers potent antioxidant benefits. (cherry blossoms, rape blossom, dandelion chrysanthemum, pansy)

Jeongsesu , Butylene Glycol , denatured alcohol, niacinamide , glycerin, lotus flower extract, jasmine flowers, madonna lily scales stem extract, iris extract, emel Vice flower, rose extract, extract of freesia , daffodil extract, yeast , evening primrose oil, Pearl flour , USA Ipomoea callus culture extracts , macadamia seed oil , watercress flowers, pea extract, extract of near Earth , second Basswood fruit extract, pasqueflower extract, pasqueflower extract, lily flower extract, rise deupeol hydrolase , PEG -60 Hydro Painted jeneyi castor oil , pentyl rengeul glycol , diethylene Betameche konol , betaine, bis- PEG methyl ether dimethyl silane -18 , penta- siloxane cycles , carrageenan, acrylate, arginine , baby, Trojan meta- Min , hydroxy cellulose in the seven , sodium acrylate polrayi , p V M. , Cleveland Cheryl acrylate, 1,2 hexanediol , ascorbyl tetra- iso- palmitate, sucrose dilaurate , hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, propylene glycol , ceramide 3 , car Rick frills , Hydro No. dE Nate lecithin, Western Oil sterols, three test -3, -5 three tests , cholesterol, and PEG -5 grapefruit seed sterols, indole acetic acid , di propylene glycol , sodium palmitate Saturdays, proline , potassium cetyl phosphate , polysorbate 20 , lecithin , sodium hyaluronidase Nate, diagnostics sword, BH tea, disodium this two dt , Phenoxyethanol, potassium Sorbate , Fragrance, mica , Titanium Dioxide

Ok, so the RoseRoseShop description is kinda funny (kombucha provides an insulin-like effect on skin diabetes) so I really wish that the samples had information on them.

The Whitening Capsule Essence is very thin with what seems like little glitter particles and white chunks. I can't feel the white chunks at all on my face at all, and I'm not quite what they actually are! The essence feels very smooth, hydrating and absorbs quickly!
Whitening Cream

What Does It Do?
After using emulsion, apply an amount the size of a pearl to the palm and spread following the skin texture. Use both hands to spread if around the face to let it be absorbed. (3

The cream is actually a thick gel which has a matte finish. I can't find out very much about the Whitening Cream, and it doesn't seem to be sold as much as the Whitening Capsule Essence! It absorbs super fast, leaves my face looking matte and feeling lovely and soft! ^.^

Would I Purchase This Product?
Yes! I quite liked using these testers, they didn't give me any sort of allergic reaction and the made my skin feel soft and hydrated! I can't comment on the whitening properties of these testers since I did only try one of each tester, but I would love to try out the full size of these products!


  1. kombucha provides an insulin-like effect on skin diabetes

    LOL...I totally snorted at that...what does that even mean? Hahaha...That ingredient list is so long. I'm not normally a stickler for this kind of thing, but I'm not sure I like Tonymoly for that reason.

    1. Hahaha I know right, I couldn't help but laugh at the skin diabetes bit >< I'm glad I'm not the only one!
      I have no idea what's up with the ingredients list, there seems to be a lot of flower extracts and weird stuff like car Rick frills and extract of near Earth. -.- wtf?

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  3. The products do not work. I bought both the toner and the whitening emulsion and my skin has been getting darker. And I have a rash on my rash. This product is garbage.


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