Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Favorites!

Hello Princesses!

Since October is now here, and I've got so much spare time now that school is on break, I thought I'd share my favorite products from September!
Missha Liquidly Facial Cleanser - Milk to Peeling
This is an incredibly moisturizing peel. It's pretty cheap, and lasts a long time! I use it once a week, and it leaves my skin feeling very clean and moisturized.

Ma Cherie - Air Feel Treatment
This hair mask smells amazing and does wonders with my dry scraggly tips. It's a little expensive and elusive (needs to be shipped in from overseas), but when I run out I'll definitely be investing in more!

Sheseido Pureness - Pore Purifying Warming Scrub
I was given this as a sample with another purchase and can safely say that I will be purchasing the full size! It works really well and makes my skin feel incredibly clean without being drying.

Sheseido The Skincare - Purifying Mask
I received this as a sample at the same time as the Pore Purifying Warming Scrub. I have never used a face mask this good before! It makes me skin feel amazing, and I definitely buying the full size!

Maybeline - Fit Me Foundation (110)
I really love this Foundation. It's the only drugstore product I've come across that's almost light enough for my skin! It feels super soft, with medium coverage and great oil control. If only it went one shade lighter it'd be be perfect!

CND Vinylux - Romantique
Vinylux is one of my new favorite polishes! It lasts around a week long and comes in a great range of colours! I don't think they're available instore yet, but are still cheaper to ship than OPI is to buy instore.

Beauty Blender
Expensive, but totally worth it! My makeup has never been so easy, or looked so perfectly blended before!

Eye of Horus Mascara
I won this in Nailgirl's giveaway and I love it! It really elongates my lashes without that gross clumpy look! ><

Mikki Intense Colour Liquid Eyeliner - Black
For $3, this is one of the best Liquid Eyeliners I've ever seen! It's pigmented, easy to use, easy to store and lasts a decent amount of time. I'll be buying another one to stash in my emergency makeup kit ;)

Tony Moly - Petite bunny Gloss Bar (No.3 Juicy Apple)
This is so handy and so cute! It's pretty much like a tinted lipbalm for me, but that's the charm in it! It's moisturizing with translucent colour.

Lime Crime Velvetines - Red Velvet
This liquid lipstick is the most pigmented thing I own. I can play flute while wearing it, and it can create super cute gradient lips too!

The Balm - Nude'tude Palette
I'm loving this palette at the moment! I featured it in my Pink and Gold Ball Makeup and I've been using it in my every day makeup. It's so versatile!

That's it for this month! I'll be reviewing to majority of these products shortly, is there anything you're dying to hear about? ^^ 


  1. Nice products ~ !!!
    I never tried them , but I would like to buy the Fit Me Foundation and this TheBalm palette ...
    I am in love with Gloss Bar packaging *w*
    I am looking forward for your reviews !
    Chibilaria ღ Cute Random Lifestyle and Beauty Blog

    1. I loovee The Balm palette, totally recommend it if you're looking for a good nude palette!


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