Saturday, 12 October 2013

Review: Beauty Bliss

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be sharing one of my latest (ish) haul's, and new favorite store - Beauty Bliss! 

While looking online for the cheapest Lime Crime products, I stumbled across the New Zealand based store, Beauty Bliss. At the time they were offering 20% off all Lime Crime products, so I thought, that sounds too good to be true! It was the cheapest Lime Crime I'd seen. I browsed through their website, and to my pleasure I discovered that not only did they stock Lime Crime, they also stocked a lot of beauty products that I didn't know were available in New Zealand! Then I accidentally made a rather expensive order >< ...

There was an incredible 3 day wait in-between ordering online and receiving the package! (I ordered on a Sunday so that doesn't really count as a day either!) This is quite possibly the fasted shipping I've ever had.
The packaging was fantastic. I can't remember if the package was tracked, but the courier post tracked baggage implies that is was. Everything apart from the Beauty Blender was wrapped in cute tissue paper, which was wrapped in bubble wrap. Super safe, no breaks or dents in any of the products.
(I couldn't wait to unwrap it in a lady-like fashion)
They also gave me a 10% code for the next time I shop there! ^^
So what did I buy? Actually I bought a fair bit for me. *Blushes* I don't have that much money, but I do consider a couple of these products as "investment items" rather than cheap items that I would have a 50/50 chance of loving or hating.

 Duo Eyelash Adhesive - $12.00
I decided to pick up some DUO eyelash glue. I've heard that it's one of the best glue's around, so I thought I would test it out! It's pretty cheap at $12.
BeautyBlender - Single  - $34.00
I've heard SO many people rave about beauty blenders, I just had to try one! (Just quietly, I am totally in love with this too!)
 Lime Crime Nail Polish - Milky Ways - $19
I really needed a pale yellow colour, and Milky Ways fits the bill! I used it in this weeks Monday Manicure. This polish was $15.20 after the 20% discount.
Lime Crime Velvetines - Red Velvet - $30.00
I'm always on the hunt for Liquid Lipsticks and pigmented Lip stains. Lime Crime only makes two colours, (They're releasing a bright pink soon!) and Suedeberry was sold out, so Red Velvet it was! This Velvetine was $26 after discount. 
 Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick - Great Pink Planet - $29.00
Great Pink Planet was not my first pick. Not even my second or third pick. I'll reserve judgement for review time though! This lipstick was $23.20 after discount.
  Lime Crime Fantasy Palettes - D'antoinette - $55.00
This was the product I was originally after. As soon as I saw the cute pastel shadow I knew I had to have them! This Palette was $44 after discount.

What I love
Good quality products
Safe Shipping
Free shipping for over $50 orders
Fantastic range of products
Easy to use website 
Very friendly response to questions
Discount coupons! 
Cheap shipping to Aus
Stocks some harder to find brands like Lime Crime, Urban Decay, Sigma etc
What I don't love
Everything is not always in stock (Pretty normal for any store though!)
International shipping on request

Final Thoughts?
I had a bit of trouble finding negative aspects of this store, so I was a little picky. But, I'm absolutely loving this store! It's easy to access, has a super friendly manager, competitive prices and a whole bunch of products I never thought I'd be able to get in New Zealand (as opposed to shipping in from the USA). To put the cherry on top of this sweet sweet cake of money draining goodness, Toni has offered Little Porcelain Princess readers a 15% off coupon code valid until the 31st of October! How AWESOME is that?

If you would like to shop for yourselves, simply click this link (HERE), load up your shopping cart with some amazing goodies, and enter the code: LPP15 at the checkout to redeem the voucher! Easy right?

I hope this store review was useful for you guys! Let me know if you are desperate to hear about any of these products, and let me know if you've ordered before or are planning to in the near future!


  1. Lucky you! I have always wanted Lime Crime products but they're a bit expensive for me. >.< Awesome review though! I can't wait for future reviews! ^^


  2. That beauty blender is adorable! I've heard so many people rave about it too!

    xx Mandy


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