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Review: Oasis Beauty BB Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reviewing Oasis beauty's BB Cream!
"Oasis Beauty is based in a beautiful isolated location in the South Island of New Zealand. Oasis Beauty specialise in sensitive skin, sun protection and skin repair. Our unique formulations contain certified organic ingredients combined with anti-ageing vitamins. You will find the combination and percentage of active ingredients far superior to mainstream brands.  This is why Oasis Beauty products are classified as 'professional-only'. We are a small team that are dedicated to providing you with the best skin care advice, products and service you've ever experienced."

Oasis Beauty offer Free Samples, so I put in a request for each shade of BB Cream. When the Oasis Beauty Girls (Steph, Rosie, Gemma, Heather, Leone and Haymish the rescue lamb) emailed the courier details to me they included a small surprise, a full sized bottle of the lightest shade Cream Tint for me to review! ^^ Yay!  

So what does their BB Cream claim?

"Imagine a product that instantly covers your imperfections and gives you a flawless complexion but also works over time to visibly improve the look and feel of your skin. Don't imagine...that's what a BB cream does!

Full of natural skin enhancing ingredients chosen for their ability to both heal and enhance sensitive skin:  Vitamins B5, C and E, pomegranate, red grape skin extract, hyaluronic acid, jojoba, rosehip, calendula, shea butter, sweet almond
Oasis natural BB creams contain no silicone, fragrance or talc.  They are paraben free and, most importantly, cruelty free."

It took my package just under one week to arrive. It was packaged incredibly well, with thought for the safety of the products inside, but also for aesthetic appeal. There's nothing worse than opening your package and seeing broken glass and foundation pouring out everywhere, and there's nothing better than opening a package filled with tissue paper and cuteness!
They also included mint chocolate candy! I LOVE mint chocolate!!
The directions are pretty much like standard BB Cream directions, until you get to the part about the BB Cream settling into a powder. But I'll get to that part later!

Natural BB Cream in Cream Tint
50ml (1.69 fl oz) 
Used daily lasts 10-12 weeks
$49.95 NZD 
I decided to swatch all of the colours on my sisters arm/face as well as my own! She is generally Medium and I am Light/Fair (although usually the light is too dark for me)

(Medium Skin tone)

(Light Skin tone)
So which one would work the best for me? Here is what the natural BB cream's offer you:

Cream Tint
  • Natural full coverage mineral foundation with a powder finish
  • Cream tint to suit light skin tones
  • Dries to a flawless powder finish
  • Good for all skin types especially oily and combination
  • Recommended for sensitive skin
  • Can be applied over AA cream, serum or primer if desired

Honey Tint 
  • Natural mid coverage mineral foundation with a dewy fresh finish
  • Universal honey tint suits most complexions
  • With shea butter and sweet almond for a dewy fresh finish
  • Use powder over the top if you prefer a matte finish
  • Good for all skin types, especially dry and normal
  • Recommended for sensitive skin

Caramel Tint
  • Natural full coverage mineral foundation with a powder finish
  • Caramel tint to suit darker skin tones
  • Dries to a flawless powder finish
  • Good for all skin types especially oily and combination
  • Recommended for sensitive skin
  • Can be applied over AA cream, serum or primer if desired

 I tried all three BB Creams on the jaw/neck of my sister to determine what colour would be best for her. The Caramel tint is too dark for her winter skin (would be great for summer though) whereas the Honey and Cream Tint blend right in.
Luckily she has really nice skin to begin with, but she preferred the Cream Tint because of the fuller coverage. Both of the BB Creams worked well for her (a little light in colour though) but the Cream Tint covered up her dark eye circles the best!

The Honey Tint is really sheer, one layer of the BB Cream works great to even out skin tone, but doesn't provide much coverage for blemishes (something I definitely need!) It's very build-able, two layers provide adequate coverage, but the more layers you use, the darker the colour gets.

 photo Honey20_zps37137bb4.jpg
I had a much better time with the Cream Tint! The full coverage meant I only needed one full layer with and a couple of finger dabs as a concealer. The consistency is quite thick, but really easy to spread. The powder finish means that it has a matte finish, but I still use a translucent powder on my T-Zone to help with oil control. Even thought the directions say I need to work quickly before the product settles into a powder, I didn't find that I needed to rush at all.

So what's the difference in colour between the Cream Tint and the Honey Tint? Well to be honest it's not too much! It's mainly a difference in coverage and finish.
 A couple of points about the Cream Tint BB Cream:

Fantastic! It's not too heavy (mask-like) nor too light (tinted moisturizer). If I wore concealer on my blemishes you wouldn't be able to see them at all, but for review purposes I used the BB Cream only. Even though it had a "powder finish" I still need to set it with powder (just like every foundation I use.)

I'm totally surprised by the colour! The swatches on my arm look way too dark, but it's quite a good colour for my face in reality.


The texture is on the thicker side, but it's still easy to spread out and apply, so I have no problem with it!

Oil Control
Not too bad! It does tend to get a little oily around my nose, but my chin and forehead are fine.

This has a very strange scent which I can't quite describe! It's not unpleasant, but it is quite strong. The box says that it should be fragrance free, but it's definitely not.

Lasting Power
Pretty good! It tends to get oily around my nose at around the 4hour mark, but it's quite easily fixed with blotting paper and setting powder.

  Does it do what's promised?

I would definitely have to try it for longer to test the claims that it improves skin tone, but it does provide great coverage!

Things I Love
  Great coverage

Decent oil control and lasting power
Easy to apply

  Almost pale enough for my skin tone
Contains SPF

NZ Brand
Cruelty Free
Made for sensitive skin

Things I don't Love
Slightly pricey 

Expensive shipping overseas (This is how it feels guys)
Limited colour range

Final Thoughts 
I really like this BB Cream! It's nice to be able to support a New Zealand based brand that's also cruelty free. The Cream Tint BB Cream provides excellent coverage and although it's a little too dark for me at the moment, I think during summer it will be a good colour for me! I'll be trying the Honey Tint BB Cream during summer time too to check the colours! 

Visit Oasis beauty to pick up your own BB Cream!


  1. Oh, I love it! I wanna have one x) Where can I get that BB Cream? Your skin is fabulous anyway!

  2. Hi! Yay for commenting on an older post, but I wanted to mention also that yesterday I had a facial using Oasis products and goodness me my skin feels AMAZING. I also recommend their products!


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