Monday, 7 October 2013

Manicure Monday: Pastel Heart Tips

Hello Princesses!

This Monday I decided to try the super cute heart tip manicure! 

This is a really easy manicure, but does require a little bit of practice! I always start from my pinkies, so you can see the hearts getting a nicer shape the more fingers I paint! ^^ The trick is to angle the polish brush diagonally from the top of the heart, to the middle of your nail tip to get a nice rounded top.
Polishes from Pinkie to Forefinger:
Revlon - Gumdrop
Kleancolor - Pastel Teal
OPI - Second Honeymoon
Lime Crime - Milky Ways

I think they look so cute! I really want to try them in red next time (a little cliché, I know!)


  1. Oooh, I really like this nail look (you always have the cutest nails, hah)! I've never tried Lime Crime nail polish before - are they better than Revlons or Essies? C:

    1. Lime Crime is kinda interesting haha. There's only like 6 colours, but they are crazy pigmented. There's also a lot of morale debate about purchasing the brand. I prefer Revlon and Essie over Lime Crime!

  2. I swear you have the best manicures ever!! Always look forward to your manicure monday posts!

    xx Mandy

  3. AWWW, that's a cute idea, I will try this by myself :D

  4. OMJ, I'm in love with this manicure <3
    It's so pretty :)
    I might try this!
    Thank you for posting this ;)

    1. Haha you're welcome sweetie! Let me know if you try it!

  5. So cute ~ !!! And I love these pastel colors ^-^



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