Monday, 30 September 2013

Manicure Monday: Velvet Bow

Hello Princesses!

Yesterday's Daylight savings did it's business and left me waking up an hour earlier than usual. *cries* Just when I was getting comfortable waking up at 6am, now it feels like 5am! >< 

The weather has been pretty up and down lately, today it has been raining heavily on and off throughout the entire day. Luckily I got to stay inside, paint my nails and photograph a couple of new blog posts ;)

This Monday I'm wearing China Glaze's Velvet Bow with a rhinestone heart shape on my ring fingernail. It looks a lot more like a heart if you looks closer. Trust me. Also I forgot to topcoat the polish for the photo's *duhh*


  1. Oooooh this color is so beautiful! I want it xD


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