Thursday, 3 October 2013

Review: DollyDynamite

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the super cute online store: DollyDynamite! 

I've been a follower of Cyril (DollDelight) for quite some time now, her outfits always amaze me and make me super jealous >< She's like the cutest little doll! I've always wanted to buy clothes from her online store, and finally I was able to splurge a little and buy myself the adorable Bunny Hoodie Dress!

The Dress cost $35USD with $5 flat rate shipping, which is a decent price. I ordered the Hoodie Dress on the 14th of August and it arrived on the 13th of September. DollyDynamite's FAQ states that: "packages take 5 - 10 business days for the processing of your order. Once the order has been forwarded to the supplier, we would be e-mailing you the tracking information. In some cases, a tracking number might not be available for countries other than the US. However, all US orders come with a tracking number." My package came tracked.
My package took about 13 business days to be shipped. This is slightly longer than stated on the FAQ, but since I do follow Cyril's blog/fb/insta I knew she was away at a fashion show at the time, so I just chose to forget about the package for a little while! The FAQ states that your package should arrive within 18-31 business days, which it did, but I was not contacted about why my packages  shipping was delayed. I think that if it had shipped out faster then the whole waiting process would have decreased dramatically.

The package itself was well wrapped and safely waterproof. Initially I had thought (I don't know how) that this item was more like a dress than a hoodie. Upon arrival, I noticed that the package was substantially bigger than I had expected. When I opened it I was quite disappointed because I thought that the thick fleecy hoodie was going to make me looks like a chubby oompa loompa.

I've never been happier to be wrong. 
The dress is thick and fleecy, but more like a coat than a dress! The measurements are even with the measurements given on the store, and the ears have wire shaping, so you can bend and shape them and they'll stick up on your head!
I have a whole bunch of photo's of the coat because it's SO CUTE!  
Front View.
Bending the ears
Back View

The dress is pretty well made, I only have a few complaints about the uneven stitching. As you can see from the photo's, the stitching is sometimes a little uneven. It's nothing major, only a couple of centimeters different. I know Cyril makes a lot of her items herself, but I believe this item is bought as is. 
 What I Love
- Super cute Apparel
- Decent Prices
- $5 flat rate shipping (Cheap!)
- Free shipping section
- Good quality clothing
- It's SO CUTE 
- Personalized message on order

What I Don't Love
- Slower shipping (although very cheap)
- Some faults in stitching (very minor)
- Not enough communication about shipping
If you guys can't tell, I'm completely in love with this Hoodie Dress! I'm super excited to buy more products from DollyDynamite (I have my eyes set on Scallop Skort and the Open Toe Bow Heels!) and I would definitely recommend the store to anyone looking for super cute apparel!


  1. It's so cute!! Looks little like totoro? :D You look so cute and pretty!!

    1. Haha it reminds me of totoro too! I think its the ears!

  2. Oh I love it! It such a nice jacket for you, You're also beautiful!
    What camera do you use anyway?

    1. Thank you sweetie! My camera is the Samsung MV800

  3. That is super cute. *w* Also, been a while since I've stopped by - I love the new header image.

    1. Haha thank you! Yeah I changed everything for my blog anniversary!

  4. The bunny ears on the coat makes you look so cute!

    xx Mandy

  5. The bunny ears are sooo cute and it looks amazing on you! I went to DollDelight store right away to find it because it looks like the perfect present to get for my friend's upcoming birthday but unfortunately I think it's sold out now since I can't find it anymore u_u What a bummer!

    1. Aw thanks so much sweetie! ^^ It's still there, just click the first link that says "Bunny Hoodie Dress" in this review, otherwise it's under the "free shipping" section at dolly dynamite! xx

  6. I don't know... Do u think the zipper was cheapy? I loved! It looks amazing on you! *-* I want to get one for autumn

    1. Btw: My blog~
      I just read the comment he he he I hope you like it!

    2. It's actually lasted really well! The zipper isn't super awesome quality, but it's honestly not terrible ^.^ Totally get one!! I still adore mine <3


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