Thursday, 17 October 2013

Review: ASOS

Hello Princesses!

Today I'll be talking about my shopping experience with ASOS!

I've never really shopped on ASOS before and I never knew they sold beauty products until the facebook MUO's started raving about the Rimmel London sale. So obviously I headed along to the Beauty Section of ASOS to have a wee look!  (I'm totally addicted, I know)

I've only bought one Rimmel Lipstick before (and hated it) but I vaguely remembered the absolutely gorgeous Arna Morton from Arna Alayne mentioning that the Match Perfection Foundation was a good alternative for the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW10. The girls were also raving about the Stay Matte Pressed Powder, and since I had just finished my well loved MAC Transparent Finishing Powder I decided to make a small order. 

I'm only going to review my experience with the store today, and save the products for another day! ^^ 

The shipping was very fast, (about 7 days I believe!) but packaging was terrible. The box had a semi puffed bag sitting on top of the items which were not bubble wrapped. In fact, the only plastic wrapped item was the Stay Matte Foundation. I'm absolutely astounded that ASOS would think this packaging is appropriate for cosmetics like these. The Match Perfection Foundation is a GLASS bottle, and sure enough a couple of days after my order had arrived, pictures appeared on facebook of packaging  exactly like mine where the glass of the foundation had broken. I don't want to order nail polish from there, that's for sure.
 Match Perfection Foundation SPF 18 (010 - Light Porcelain) - $9.60
"This Match Perfection foundation has been made by Rimmel London. The details include: a creamy smart-tone formula, enriched with an SPF 15 sunscreen and blue sapphire pigments to reflect your natural skin tone and texture, and provide a flawless finish."
"Match Perfection loose powder by Rimmel London
- Lightweight loose powder
- Silky formula designed to match most skin tones
- Apply over foundation for a smooth finish"

 Stay Matte Foundation (100 - Ivory) - $8.53
"Stay matte foundation by Rimmel London. Featuring a full cover formula with a natural shine control complex, it leaves skin with a matte finish for up to 12 hours, while concealing imperfections, for a flawless finish."
Stay Matte Pressed Powder (Transparent) - $5.33
 "Stay matte pressed powder by Rimmel London. Featuring a lightweight formula, the powder minimises the appearance of pores for a natural matte finish that controls shine for up to 12 hours."

 Match Perfection Foundation BB Cream SPF 25 (Light) - $9.60
"This 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Make Up BB Cream is made by Rimmel London. The details include: a lightweight formula designed to prime, mattify and moisturise, minimise the appearance of pores, conceal blemishes and protect the skin with SPF 25."

 All of my items arrived in perfect order, (although a little scared from no protective packaging!)

What I love
Good quality products
Fantastic range of products
Free Shipping
Easy to use website
Frequent Sales
Stocks some harder to find brands like Benefit, Clairsonic, Illamasqua, NARS, Stila, Too Faced, etc

What I don't love
Unsafe Packaging
Doesn't stock all the colours (NARS, Illamasqua) 

Final Thoughts?
I have a bit of an issue with the way they package their items. Considering one of my foundations is in a glass jar, the package didn't have nearly enough protection. I've seen photo's of a other girls who have had their foundations broken open (usually having two or more glass bottles) and I was lucky that I had only ordered the one glass jar! Other than that issue, I found that ASOS was a great place to shop for cosmetics (I may try clothes next!) and I would definitely shop there during their next sale! 

Did you see anything you'd like me to review straight away? Let me know in the comments below and I'll make sure I review it as soon as possible! ^^


  1. Thanks for the lovely review ! ^___^ Btw , could you do a review on Match Perfection Loose Transparent Powder ? I'm looking for a new one once I finish my current one . Would love to know if it's good or not ^__^

  2. Hello, just wanted to let you know a few things about these products.

    Firstly, The Match Perfection foundation in 010LP is wonderfully pale! The shade actually matches my neck (first time EVER for a "drugstore" foundation!) but it does have a pink undertone. However I researched long and hard how to "fix" a foundation that is too pink, and got the advice that a yellow setting powder can help counteract some of the pink. If this shade is pale enough for you but too pink, try a yellow toned powder to set it :) The foundation also comes in 2 other pale shades, 081 Fair Ivory (more of a neutral undertone) and 091 Light Ivory (which I think is more yellow than neutral, but I don't own this shade). 081FI is definitely still pale and has a neutral undertone, but it's just sliiiiightly too dark for me. I have pretty much the exact same colouring as you, so I use your swatches & reviews as research!

    Based on other reviews and swatches, the BB Cream will most likely be too dark and orange for you.

    The Stay Matte foundation has recently been reformulated & relaunched. It also comes in the other 3 pale shades I mentioned. This old version in Ivory (previously their lightest shade, now their 4th shade!) will probably be too dark for you.

    And finally, the Stay Matte powder has also been recently reformulated. You have the new version, and the ingredients list has changed. They added in coconut oil (I guess so it would be more moisturising and less powdery for the people who didn't like it for that reason) and the dreaded mineral oil :( Mineral oil is a cheap filler product (it's a by-product of petroleum) so all it does is clog pores, really. Missha Perfect Cover also contains mineral oil, which is why it didn't work for me. It had no coverage, looked and felt greasy during application and clogged my pores.

    1. Oh my gosh, everything you predicted is true!! O_o Can we please be best friends!? (Actually serious here!!)

      I've never seen 081 or 091 of the Match Perfection, or any lighter shades of the Stay Matte in New Zealand! Where about are you in the world?

      Awesome timing too, next weeks review is my "fail foundations" featuring the BB Cream and Stay Matte foundation!

    2. I'll e-mail you soon, I don't want to publish my details in the comments. I'll let you know about my foundation fails (too dark, too pink, too orange) so you don't bother buying them :D

    3. That would be absolutely fantastic!! (:


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