Friday, 23 September 2016

First Impression: Lioele Secret Rich Pore Balm

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Lioele Secret Rich Pore Balm! This is supposed to be a pore smoothing primer that is very similar to the Benefit Porefessional!
What Does It Do?
"Pressed balm primer with great coverage of enlarged pore, lines, or skin imperfections. Specialized in sebum control. Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm is a smooth photo finish primer. It helps minimize pores and fine lines allowing skin to become soft and smooth for an improved foundation/bb cream application. The balm contains new technology to diffuse light by mattifying the face to reduce shine, so foundation/bb cream application can be easier to apply and last even longer. It is made of various ingredients that can increase skin elasticity for a firmer and more youthful appearance."(1)
This balm is sort of white to clear in colour and very thick. It's fairly easy to spread out on the skin but there is a fine line between applying too much and feeling the balm slipping on your skin and not applying enough to cover pores.
But does it smooth and cover pores? Yes it does! It does it quite well too which I love! Even after applying a BB Cream in the below photo I can still see a substantial difference in pore size and skin texture. LOVE.
Would I Purchase This Product?
Yes, once I finish my Benefit Porefessional! This balm primer is about $25USD which is substantially cheaper than Porefessional which is $57NZD (or $41USD) and it pretty much does the same job. I'm actually tempted to do a comparison review on the two to see which does a better job! ^ ^

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  1. There is alo one by Tony Moly, which is similar, but cheaper. I tried this one and Holika Holika Pore Sea stem balm.


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