Monday, 26 September 2016

Fail or Holy Grail Review: Banila Co Miss Flower and Mr Honey Cream

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Banila Co Miss Flower and Mr Honey Cream! As soon as I opened this jar I was half way in love with it due to the smell and the name, after a month of use I am 100% in love with it!

"Highly nourishing honey cream instantly melts into the skin and recharges distressed skin with supreme nourishment while resorting skin’s resilience & moisture-retention level. "(1)
This cream comes packaged in a gorgeous hexagonal box with a ton of information, most of which I can't read.
Inside the cardboard packaging there is a small spatula and the product itself!
The cream comes packaged in a huge jar with a screw top. It's very sturdy and would be good for travel if it wasn't so gigantic. I really like that it comes with it's own spatula too, it's much more hygienic that dipping my fingers into the jar.

This cream has a fairly thick gel like texture that is easy to spread across the skin. The texture reminds me a lot of Vaseline, but the smell is much more pleasant!
When applied on my face this cream spreads out easily and sinks in quickly. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated without making it look greasy. I always wake up in the morning with beautiful soft skin, so this is my Holy Grail night cream!
I already have beautiful day creams to use, so I reserve this for night time use since it is moderately expensive and super hydrating. I absolutely love how glowy and healthy it makes my skin look!

What I Love
- Cute, functional packaging
- Smells amazing
- Spreads out evenly and sinks in quickly
- Makes my skin look and feel soft and healthy
- Just generally lovely to use

What I Don't Love
- Moderately expensive

Final Thoughts
I absolutely love the smell, look and feel of this cream! I think the scent has as big a part of this product being a Holy Grail as the results it has on my skin does, there is a lot to be said about having products that make you happy just by smelling them! I adore the way this cream makes my skin look when used as a night cream, but I don't choose to use it as a day cream because I have many other better options, and I think the smooth texture would hinder the application of sunscreens and make up for me too. Not every item can be a multitasking product, and this has taken the spot of Holy Grail Night Cream for me! ^ ^

I would recommend the Banila Co Miss Flower and Mr Honey Cream for any Princesses wanting a super sweet scented and hydrating night cream! 

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