Friday, 9 September 2016

First Impression: Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream!
What Does It Do?
"The Tony Moly Expert Triple BB cream is a multifunctional BB cream with SPF 45++ PA that has skin whitening, sun protection and wrinkle treatment properties. It is formulated with red ginseng extract, which is an important factor in enhancing the skin’s immunity by regenerating fibroblasts. It also has organic lavender extract that aids in restoring dry and damaged skin. The third primary ingredient is the B-Glucan substance that helps protect the skin’s langerhans cell from destructive UV rays. This BB cream thus keeps the skin bright, healthy, elastic and radiant looking. 50 ml.

    [How to Use]
    After skincare routine and base make up, apply appropriate amount of the BB cream onto the face. Lightly and evenly spread it, and gently pat afterwards."(1)
This BB Cream is very thick in texture and slightly difficult to spread on the skin. It oxidised a fair amount on my arm though I didn't notice it much on my face.
This BB Cream gave me very little coverage, but it did make my skin look even and left a demi matte finish.
This BB Cream has quite good oil control and lasting power, but I do wish it had more coverage! It's also a little too dark for my winter skin which isn't ideal.
Would I Purchase This Product?
No. This BB Cream doesn't seem to be sold anywhere any more anyway, but the coverage is so light while the cream is actually really heavy. I didn't enjoy using it very much, so I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it.

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