Monday, 5 September 2016

Store Review: Gamiss

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Gamiss! Gamiss reached out and offered to send me a gift card to spend in their store, and after browsing around I decided to make a purchase with them!

Website Practicality
I found this website easy to navigate, add items to my cart and check out. However, I do wish there were more photos of the items being sold, and some real life photos rather than stock images of the product. I really enjoyed their search filters, you can filter by size, colour, pattern, neckline, length, material, embellishment and many more. This made it much easier to narrow down what I was searching for!
Price Comparison
It's hard to do a direct comparison to clothing items for this site, but it has extremely cheap, wholesale priced clothing.

Shipping and Packaging
I placed my order on August 3rd and the first shipment was shipped on the 8th. The first half of the shipment arrived on the 15th which is pretty speedy shipping! Considering my shipping cost a whopping $27.70USD (WHAT). My second shipment was sent on the 14th and arrived on the 19th. My packages were very bland, but functional.
Stylish Suede and Cross Straps Design Pumps For Women - $15.52
These shoes are so cute, but a little more like turquoise than blue (though even my photos make them look like a pretty shade of blue!). I bought a size 37 which is my usual size, but they are very small and narrow. I can get my feet into them but they are very, very firm! The biggest problem with these shoes is that the ankle straps are SO SHORT. I have fairly small ankles, but these do not even come close to doing up. In the photo you can see the two silver buckles that are supposed to close together, uh no. The faux suede upper also had some markings (top left photo) and small patches of lifted suede on the heel (bottom left photo). I can't wear these since they don't buckle up which does make me sad because they are so cute!
Chic Women's Round Neck Short Sleeve Striped Dress - $13.04
I'm surprisingly happy with this dress! It's an Elastane type material rather than polyester, so actually has a shine to it like Lycra, but this means it fits my chest nicely. It does mean that the stitching looks like it's under strain even though it's not. I don't like that the back stripes are SO out of line, but this is pictured on the website.
Trendy Scoop Neck Bowknot Embellished Long Sleeves T-Shirt For Women - $14.39
This top is a little disappointing, it's so thin that I can clearly see a bra of tank top through it. It's a very thin, floppy material so the bow on the back just flops down in a very ick way, the back isn't a different material like the pictures show. It's now awful, but it's not great either.
Fashionable Elastic Waist Lace Overlay Bodycon Skirt For Women - $11.52
This skirt is really accurate to the description, and it is really stretchy! It fits me (large NZ 10) but would fit down to a small 8 too. It does not look good on me though, tight body con skirts are not flattering on a tummy, but that is ok! It's still super cute!
Final Thoughts
I have a 50 50 attitude about Gamiss. On one hand, the clothing is super inexpensive, it's the same price point as clothing in the markets of Taipei which I adore shopping at, and there is a huge selection. On the other hand, the quality is very average and if I saw some of these in real life I wouldn't purchase them due to the size, material or stitching so it is quite hard. I would definitely shop with them again if there was free shipping, but the high shipping cost almost negates the low price of the items, and in conjunction with the low quality of the goods, it is a bit of a risk.

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  1. Those shoes are super cute! It's a bummer about the quality, though. Thanks for your thorough review :)

    xo Azu

  2. I follow their facebook page and noticed they don't have reviews like most businesses and their visitors post is existent.

  3. I tried to order through and pay via Paypal, they refunded my $$ (Good!), contacted me and told me I needed to pay via a bank transfer, that Paypal was "compromised". Um, no, the whole reason why I pay via Paypal is so I'm not giving my bank info out... Needless to say, didn't continue with the order. Clothes look cute on website, prices are good, but shipping cost is high - and they want your banking info. Nope.


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