Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Review: Too Cool For School Dinoplatz CC Cream

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Too Cool For School Dinoplatz CC Cream! I have the Highlighter topped version, but this also comes with a concealer or blusher option too!
"A seven-in-one CC cream and highlighter that supports moisturizing, antiaging, brightening, firming, smoothing, evening out skintone, and SPF 30 UV protection.

This CC-cream and highlighter formula covers imperfections, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and delivers radiance to the complexion in one easy step. It protects from the sun's damaging rays with SPF 30, while neutralizing any irritation or redness. A light cream formulated with a 48 percent water content derived from the pristine glacial waters of Eklutna Lake in Alaska, it’s also infused with Water-in-Silicone technology so that it blends smoothly onto skin, leaving you with a radiant, flawless face. ."(1)

This CC Cream comes packaged in super cute dino themed packaging! This has a soft squeeze tube and a double screw top. I find the packaging almost a little too soft, it's quite hard to control how much product gets squeezed out which can lead to wasted product.
This CC cream is super pale (yas!). It's slightly on the peachy side and suits my skin pretty well in terms of colour.
This CC Cream makes my skin look super healthy and clear! It covers some of my light imperfections but not the darker ones.
But it definitely makes my skin look and feel healthy!
My CC Cream also comes with a highlighter on the top, though you can choose a concealer or an orange blusher!
This highlighter is super duper subtle, which is perfect for me! It's almost a pale purple colour and quite thick in texture. I like that it's a little thicker, because it means that it's not so sticky (especially since most highlights make my hair stick to my face).
After 6 hours this CC Cream holds up really well! It's still quite cold and wintery here so I'm not sweating very much, but at least it works well as a winter product in conjunction with being a great colour for my winter colour!
There is a tiny bit of glow around my Tzone, but the CC Cream isn't breaking up in any patches and it still looks acceptable and I don't feel like I need to blot and re powder!

What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- Easy to apply
- Great colour for Porcelain Princesses
- Lasts fairly well (for a CC Cream)
- Highlighter is subtle, but beautiful
- Two in one product, great for conserving space while travelling
- Has great lasting power for a CC Cream

What I Don't Love
- Only comes in one shade (thankfully it suits my skin tone)

Final Thoughts
Unsurprisingly from the list of pro's, I absolutely love this CC Cream! It's a great shade for me, the formula works well with my skin and it has super cute packaging. This is a really great shade for Porcelain Princesses too since it doesn't lean too warm or too cool, but it does have quite light coverage as to be expected from a CC Cream, so you may have to use a concealer to get a bit more coverage. But as a CC Cream, it does a great job for me and I absolutely adore it!

I would recommend the Too Cool For School Dinoplatz CC Cream for any Porcelain Princesses looking for a CC Cream with Light Coverage, good lasting power and super cute dino themed packaging!

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