Monday, 12 September 2016

Fail or Holy Grail Review: Skinfood Nail Vita Pineapple Cuticle Cleaner

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Skinfood Nail Vita Pineapple Cuticle Cleaner! This little nail care product has sat at the back of my polish box for almost a whole year now because I don't use it at all!

"Containing pineapple extract, this cuticle cleaner removes cuticles and dead skin cells around the nails, leaving skin clean and smooth.

To Use
Apply an ample amount of Pineapple Cuticle Cleaner on cuticles around your fingernails and toenails. Leave for 15 seconds until it softens the cuticles. Using SKINFOOD Cuticle Pusher, push the softened cuticle, and then remove it with SKINFOOD Nail Cleaner. Soothe and nourish sensitive nails and skin with a nail strengthener or balm."(1)
This cuticle cleaner comes in a cute little glass bottle with a dropper top. It's really functional and it's really cute! The product inside looks a little yellow, but seems clear on the nails. The idea is that you leave this on your finger for 15 seconds and then use a ton of different products afterwards to care for your nails.
However, in this before and after photo you can see that it really doesn't do much to my nails or cuticles. Theoretically I would use this cuticle cleaner, then the cuticle pusher, then a nail cleaner, and then a strengthening balm. Or, I could just use a cuticle oil.
What I Love
- Cute packaging

What I Don't Love
- It doesn't moisturise, or soften cuticles

Final Thoughts
I'm just not sure why Skinfood has created so many steps and products when they aren't really necessary. I generally use a cuticle oil to nourish my nails and soften my cuticles so they can be pushed back a little, so in comparison this product leaves my nails and cuticles feeling fairly dry. I just don't find that it does anything for my nails, and I'm not surprised that I never hear anyone talk about this product. 

I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone, but I do recommend just investing in a cuticle oil if you want to soften your cuticles! ^ ^

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