Monday, 30 November 2015

Store Review: W2Beauty

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with W2Beauty! I always avoided shopping at W2Beauty because the prices are just so high, but I was convinced to try out their services because the customer service is supposed to be outstanding! I won't lie, this started out as a really, really irritating experience for me in many ways, so if you're interested, please read on!

Website Practicality
The website is very practical and easy to navigate. There is a nice functional search bar up the top, drop down navigation bars as well as a side bar to navigate with. It's super easy to create a log in, add items to your cart and check out. It does annoy me that there are no product descriptions for any products, but this can be found by using google so it's not so much of an issue.

I decided to make my purchase with W2Beauty because the price of the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum. It wasn't the cheapest price on the market, but it wasn't too far off. As I was about to check out, I remembered that W2Beauty offer $5 off your first purchase, so I headed to my emails to dig out my code. 

To my annoyance the code was expired (it was from 2014, but there is no expiry date in the email) so I created a new log in so I could use the $5 off your first purchase coupon, as this is my first purchase. I successfully got my coupon and entered it in the checkout. Then I told me that I didn't meet the minimum amount to use the coupon. Sorry, what? There is no mention of a minimum spend on the email with the coupon. 
I dug around the links on W2Beauty to figure out what the minimum spend was, and it turns out that I needed to add an extra $5.80 to redeem my $5 off coupon. I literally could not find a single thing I wanted or needed for under $15. Not even a couple of sheet masks. So I proceeded to checkout, saving the coupon for another more pricey purchase.

The kicker is, after I put through my purchase and screen shotted the home page I noticed that there was an extra 5% off throughout August that I could have used to have $1.22 off my purchase. At the order page it prompted me to use the sponsorship discount but not the monthly discount. $1.22 isn't very much of a saving, but it was kind of a kick in the teeth to have gone to so much trouble to use the initial coupon that I was almost literally kicking myself in annoyance that I didn't save that measly $1.22.

Obviously when I wrote these four paragraphs after I made the purchase and was in an irritated mood. I'm not going to erase them because that's honestly how I felt as a customer and I think it's important to be honest. I don't order products under my blogging name, so this could possibly be the same experience other consumers would have.

 Price Comparison
You can probably guess why I chose to purchase this particular product with a store that had a set shipping fee! ><

Skinfood Black Sugar Serum $24.21 + Shipping $2.50 = $26.71

Cosmetic Love
Skinfood Black Sugar Serum $22.94 + Shipping $0.00 = $22.94

Skinfood Black Sugar Serum $15.35 + Shipping $11.80 = $27.15

Shipping and Packaging
I made my purchase on the 31st August, and my package arrived on the 10th of September after 9 working days, which is pretty fabulous! My item came in an massive box and was securely wrapped in bubble wrap. My package came with generous samples and a little apple candy.

I trialled this serum a couple of months back and absolutely adored it! I decided to purchase the full size product to review it completely and I'm so excited to finally have it! ^.^ It also surprisingly came with a big set of cotton pads.

What I Love
- Cheap tracked shipping
- Reasonably quick shipping
- Well packaged products
- Generous samples

What I Don't Love
- I'd love to use my coupon code, but the invisible T&C's stopped me
- Slightly higher price point for products

Final Thoughts
Although my initial experience with W2Beauty was definitely one of annoyance and irritation, overall I was very satisfied with my purchase. I love that Alice gives generous samples (in all honesty the candy totally made my day, it's the little things) and that the shipping was inexpensive and very quick. I think that some changes may need to be made with the way the vouchers are handed out, if there is an expiry date or minimum purchase I would at least expect there to be some fine print on the actual coupon outlining those terms and conditions rather than having to search through the website to find out why it wasn't working.

I would absolutely recommend W2Beauty to any Princesses that are looking for Asian Beauty and Skincare, especially if they're buying something bulky or heavy, and need it to be delivered in a short amount of time.


  1. i love the Skinfood First Serum as well! I noticed that they've come out with two newer versions as well 2x Essential and Essential Light. Have you heard much about them? I usually shop from Testerkorea but recently my orders been on standby for a week now so I'm kind of annoyed and looking for a new place to shop from.

    1. I did look at them, but decided to just stick with the regular and I absolutely love it! I'm already halfway through my bottle and I'm probably going to grab the 2x Essential next time and compare the two. Ooh that's not good news, I just ordered from them today and was surprised that it wasn't processed immediately, I also love Cosmetic Love, Roserosehop and BeautnetKorea ^.^

  2. I've always loved this store, but the items are a little bit overpriced.

    1. Definitely a little higher than what I would usually pay! :3


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