Friday, 6 November 2015

First Impression: It's Skin Red Ginseng & 10 Formula

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the It's Skin Red Ginseng & 10 Formula Toner, Emulsion and Silk Cream! I'm not sure what inspired me to purchase the gift set of these products, but someone decided to give me the Silk Cream and I decided now would be a good time to try these!

What Does It Do?
"Red Ginseng and 10 Formula is the special traditional treatment containing Korean Heaven Grade Ginseng and a highly concentrated ten kinds of herbal in nutrition and moisture for skin vitality and elastic. It helps boost turnover to restore smoothness, radiance, and clarity, along with helping to rebuild natural collagen and elastin fibers to make skin stonger and more resilient." (1)

It's Skin Red Ginseng & 10 Formula Toner

This toner is really quite lovely! I don't know too much about it or it's PH level, but it feels really moisturising for my skin. It does have quite a strong floral scent which I quite like, but this may be off-putting for a lot of Princesses. I liked using this toner because it didn't dry my skin out at all and I feel like it contributed to the extra moisture while using this set, but I did run out of this quicker than the other products and didn't miss it that much.

It's Skin Red Ginseng & 10 Formula Emulsion

I cannot how express how much I dislike this little tester bottle. The Emulsion is moderately thick, you I have to try and shake it out (and then it ends up on the walls), but I absolutely love it! It gives me lovely light hydration and absorbs quickly. I use this after the toner, but before my Facial Oil, Sunscreen and Cream.

It's Skin Red Ginseng & 10 Formula Silk Cream

This Silk Cream certainly feels silky on the skin! It's not so rich that it makes my skin feel like it's drowning, but it also provides a really good boost of hydration. I didn't use this Cream long enough to see any solid results, though I did enjoy using it!

Would I Purchase These Products?
Perhaps the Emulsion! I really enjoyed using this product in particular because it's not really a type of skincare I use on a regular basis. I found that it helped my skin stay hydrated during my use of Oratane, and I found the additional step didn't add too much time to my already lengthy skincare routine because it absorbs so quickly! I wasn't incredibly fussed with the Toner or the Cream, they are nice, but they aren't better than the products I already own.

I would recommend grabbing the tester samples of these products to any Princesses with drier skin, because they are absolutely gorgeous ^.^

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