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Review: Etude House Rosy Tint Lips

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Rosy Tint Lips! I bought my first shade (Sweet Poison) a year and a half ago, and have been collecting them ever since!

"What it is
Delicate and soft texture with enriched rosy color.
Velvet type lips to express attractive colors. 

What it does
- Petal texture like velvet: Creamy texture like rich color matte lipstick melted. Softly covers lips to express attractive rosy colors with velvet-matte finish.
- Sponge tip applied: Round-shape sponge tipe for a gradation lip makeup and detailed full cover.
- Tube type: Tube container to adjust amount easily.
- Various colors: 8 different color variation to express from natural to fascinating lips.

How to apply
1) Delicate Petal Lip Gradation : Dab a certain amount onto center of upper and lower lips and use tip to evenly spread.
2) Rose in Full Bloom Lip Cover : Smoothly glide onto lips, starting from inner to outer direction.
3) Soft Petal Cheeks : Dispense a certain amount and dab lightly onto both cheeks, blending quickly with fingers."(1)

The cardboard packaging for these lip tints is really beautiful, but not so gorgeous that I feel the need to hoard them.
The plastic packaging is also really beautiful and moderately functional. I like that it's really sturdy and stands on the cap really well, they don't fall over easily which makes them easy to store and display. The downside is that the plastic packaging isn't super soft, and you need to squeeze the product out of the spongy tip. It's difficult to control the amount of product being squeezed out when you're hands are straining to squeeze the hard plastic!

The sponge tip can be unscrewed and cleaned which is lovely and hygienic! The sponge tip means that the lip colour is blended well into the lips on application, and it's way easier to create a cute gradient lip with them. However, this does tend to lift up any flakey bits on the lips which isn't such a good look.
The pink shades look super similar from far away, but when you take a closer look you can see that they are each slightly different, but oh so slightly.

Before Blossom
Before Blossom is a vibrant blue based red, perfect for giving the illusion of super white teeth.
The darker shades tend to sit in my lip lines in a very obvious way, though it's not as obvious when it's not so zoomed in. It's also difficult to get a nice shape on the lips with this type of applicator because it is created to make a gradient lip. I really like this colour as a soft rosy everyday red.
Sunny Flower
Sunny Flower is a happy bright orange! This one is not so fantastic for making teeth look any whiter.

I can make this shade (like the others) look more vibrant by using more, but it also increases the flakiness of my lips. Because the applicators have fuzzy tops, it lifts any loose skin up the more I try to apply the colour. I quite like this colour though, it's not so orange that it makes my skin look super yellow.
Rose Petal
Rose Petal is a brilliant muted rosy red shade.

I adore the Rosy Petal shade! I used a lip brush for this swatch which helped get a richer colour without so many extra lip flakes. This is a perfect rosy shade for everyday wear, it does look like I'm wearing lipstick, but it's a muted shade so it's quite relaxed looking.
Sweet Poison
Sweet Poison is a vibrant fuchsia pink!

This is one of my favourite everyday shades! It's the perfect pretty pink, not like a "my lips but better" pink, but more of a happy spring time pink. This was the first shade that I purchased and I still absolutely love it!

Baby Peony
Baby Peony like a vibrant pink on my arm, but appears more like a brighter baby pink on the lips.
This shade is perfect for everyday wear, like a my lips but better shade. It's an easy colour to maintain because it isn't too far from my natural lip colour and fades gracefully.
English Garden
English Garden is a soft baby pink shade.
This shade is lighter than my own lips and tends to emphasise dry patches. My lips look shocking in the super close up photos, they don't look that bad in real life (unless you put your eyeballs super close to my mouth, please don't do that). It's a really pretty pink, it just requires more lip prep than most of the other shades.
Tea Rose
Tea Rose is a brown nude shade. This isn't my favourite shade of nude for my skin tone, but it doesn't look like foundation lips or like I'm straight from the 90's, so it's not that bad!
It's better on my lips than on the arm swatch! It does settle into my lip lines a little, but it's not very visible from a decent distance. Tea Rose is a gorgeous colour to grab if you're a little low on nude shades!
After Blossom
After Blossom is a vampy berry tone, perfect for Autumn and Winter makeup!
Just as I've said previously, the darker shades exaggerate any lines, unevenness or flakes on my lips. It's an absolutely gorgeous colour, and since it is a little more diluted it wears better than a more opaque colour. This is a great shade to pick up if you want to get into vampy autumn shades without going for a scary deep plum!
Here is a comparison of all of the colours on my lips! I did these swatches on different days (as you can tell by the selfies, I'm sure) so you can see how it looks when my lips are in their best condition, and the eh, not so best condition.

What I Love
- Not awful on dry lips
- Super easy application (barring the hard plastic)
- Cute packaging
- Great wear time (6 hours without eating)
- Creates a gorgeous gradient lip
- Well priced at around $9NZD

What I Don't Love
- Packaging can be hard to use
- Hard to get a nice crisp line (not what they are technically used for)
- More than one layer emphasises dry flaky lips

Final Thoughts
Although I adore these lip tints on my lips when they are plump, they do tend to emphasise my current flaky lips which isn't ideal. The fluffy tip lifts up any flaky bits, but I can apply it with my fingers or lip brush if needed! The packaging is super cute, but it's a little difficult to get the product to come out of the tube because it's quite a thick creamy consistency. They work so well to create a gorgeous gradient lip, but require a lip brush to make crisp lines. The fluffy tip of the tint does become a little gross over time, but you can wash it and make it a little less gross! ^.^

I would definitely recommend these Lip Tints to any Princesses looking for a soft matte finish lip tint that comes in a good variety of colours!


  1. Love all the shades!! They have a cute glow to them :D
    Thanks for the review


  2. Ooh, I'm impressed that you have the entire collection!
    I have tea rose- I mostly use it as a blush because it hardly shows up on my lips xD The english garden shade is really pretty! I might have to buy that one hehe~

    1. Haha it took me a while to buy them all though! >< English Garden is a really pretty one, honestly I like them all haha

  3. Sweet Poison and After Blossom look great on you! They make me think of that trend that went around late spring of using a lip colour to look like you had eaten an ice block.

    1. Thank you so much! (: They definitely do, especially if I do a full on gradient lip! ^.^

  4. Wow you have collected all the colors, they look so pretty on you. To bad it's not ideal for dry lips, indeed I do see som flakiness on some swatches

    1. Thank you! ^ ^ Yeah I didn't photoshop them out because that wouldn't be a fair review.

  5. I love the packaging and the colors look gorgeous on your lips! I think the sponge tip applicator is very unique and interesting~

    1. Thank you so much! ^.^ The sponge tip is a first for me, but if you like gradation lips you would love it!

  6. etude house has lots of lip tints such as fresh cherry tint, dear darling and etc. honestly, im being indecisive over all these lip tints.

    but which lip tints do you reccomend ? the ones that has lots of advantages?

  7. you look so beautyful with this, good product :)
    Maybe you like: Sakura Vietnam


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