Monday, 2 November 2015

Store Review: Jolse_Cosmetics

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my experience shopping with Jolse_Cosmetics on Ebay! I've already talked about my shopping experience with the regular Jolse Store here so I was interested to compare the two stores!

Website Practicality
Jolse_Cosmetics is located on Ebay which is a lovely place to shop!

Price Comparison
For this comparison I chose stores that offer free international shipping! I'm not sure how the Ebay store and their regular store can have such different pricing!



Cosmetic Love

Shipping and Packaging
I placed my order on the 14th of July, my package was shipped on the 15th and arrived on the 30th! My shipping price was included in the price of the product just like it is on the regular Jolse store. Even though it took 12 working days to get to me, ordering through Jolse's regular store only took 10 working days, so it's really not much different. 

My order was packaged well, signed by Bae and included some cute free samples, yay!

I chose to shop with Jolse because they had the cheapest Etude House My Beauty Lovely Etti Hair Band! I paid $4.89 for this super cute kitty head band including shipping.

This hair band is super soft and velvety! Though it is absolutely massive for my small head.

 What I Love
- Signed by Bae
- Good free samples
- Good quality product
- Shipping included in price
- Ebay is easy to shop with

What I Don't Love
- Slow-ish shipping
- Cheaper to shop with the regular Jolse store

Final Thoughts
I quite enjoyed shopping with Jolse_Cosmetics! I find using the Ebay website much more enjoyable than using their regular website that logs me out every 5 minutes. Some products are cheaper to purchase with the regular Jolse store, but I think I'll just take it case by case! ^.^


  1. That headband is freaking adorable!

  2. I have the same headband! :D I didn't know Jolse had an eBay store, thanks for sharing! I noticed that a lot of eBay stores always have slightly higher prices than their regulars sites due to the "free shipping" they offer. When I have time, I always go on multiple sites adding the same products in the cart to compare prices >_< super time consuming, but if I can save even $5, I'm a happy camper.

    1. YAY matching!! :D I do the same thing, I feel way better when I save a couple of dollars haha

  3. the kitty head band is so cute, I spotted it in the recent new release of China's Running Man and I thought it's totally adorable!


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