Monday, 21 September 2015

Store Review: The Iconic

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the online apparel store, The Iconic! I've been doing about a million Cosmetic store reviews, so I thought I'd include something a little different! This store is based in Australia and sells Australian and International brands. They had a massive sale on, which kind of explains why I made a purchase with them, I live the student life guys, sales are everything.

Website Practicality
The website is really well designed and has really great filters to help you narrow down your search, because my goodness there is a lot of stuff on this website! It literally took my hours to sort through the products they offer because in all honesty it's not particularly my style, but I did find something I liked after a while! ^.^ They don't have specialised sizing for each item which I don't like, but that's about it!

 Price Comparison
I decided to compare the prices of some Karen Walker jewellery rather than clothing, because it's easier and because designer brands generally have the same mark up prices! The Iconic is in AUD, so all prices are compared in NZD. All of the shops offer free shipping when you purchase a certain amount which is fantastic. It turns out that The Iconic is actually the cheapest place to purchase Karen Walker jewellery, especially since the exchange rate between AUD and NZ is working in my favour here!

The Iconic
Daisy Earrings $155.94 + Shipping $0.00 = $155.94

Karen Walker
Daisy Earrings - $209.00 + Shipping $0.00 = $209.00

Daisy Earrings - $209 + Shipping $0.00 = $209.00

Shipping and Packaging
My sister and I placed our order on the 6th of July, and our package arrived on the 8th of July which is insanely fast! Everything was packaged into separate little baggies with barcodes and everything (other than my dress) was folded neatly inside the baggies.

I decided to purchase the Sleeved Ottoman Dress in the Nude shade! I bought mine on sale for $20AUD and it's from the brand Dorothy Perkins which is apparently renowned for it's lady-like style and affordability.
I adore the style of this dress, it's so cute! Unfortunately the material is really thin, you can see the black tag on the picture showing the back of the dress and since it's primarily polyester it's not going to breathe very well in warmer weather (resulting in sweat smell clinging to the underarm section check it out here). The stitching is fabulous and the pattern lines up well so I'm actually quite happy with the quality of this dress. The size is quite small in the chest area resulting in it looking even more see through than normal, but since the dress is so stretchy I can still fit it. For reference I have a big chest, small waist and average size hips, like a weird cross of an hourglass figure and a inverted triangle.

What I Love
- Easy to use website
- Great search filters
- Some really good prices 
- Amazing sale prices
- Good quality clothing
- Cheap/free and super quick shipping

What I Don't Love
- No specialised sizing

Final Thoughts
I actually quite liked my shopping experience with The Iconic! Although it took me many hours to sort through the clothing I liked and absolutely hated, I did find an adorable dress that I love and a new brand that I really like! I would definitely recommend using this store if you're after some Karen Walker jewellery too because it's significantly cheaper than buying it in New Zealand! ^.^


  1. That dress is lovely. I really like that pale pink hue.

    Xo Azu

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by the colour! It's so pretty! ^ ^


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